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Casino Etiquette - The Dos and Don'ts of Playing at a Casino

Casino Etiquette - The Dos and Don'ts of Playing at a Casino

It’s all very exciting to walk into a casino under the bright lights, join the table and start playing your favourite games. But, have you ever wondered how you should behave in a casino? If you’ve never been to a casino before, you’ll need to learn some basics about how to act once you find yourself in that situation. We’re here to help you out! In fact, we’ve prepared a list of the top 8 casino etiquette rules that you should know before entering a casino. You’ll find the answers to these questions:

  • What should I wear?
  • How should I behave?
  • Is it ok if I observe before joining?
  • Do I have to ask to join the table?
  • Can I sit if I don’t want to play?
  • Shall I give my money directly to my dealer?
  • Can I talk to the dealer?
  • Are cell phones allowed at the casino?

Now, let’s move on to the details!

The Do’s of Playing at a Casino

It’s pretty normal for every casino to have cameras all over the place, as well as security guards walking around, but don’t let that scare you. That’s standard for every casino and you’ll get used to it. Once you enter a casino, all by yourself, try to behave in such a way that no one notices you’re a newbie. Here are some simple rules you can follow:

1. Wear the Appropriate Outfit

If you want to fit in – dress for the occasion! It doesn’t mean you have to go to a shopping mall and spend money on “adequate” clothes, just get an appropriate outfit. In other words, plan your outfit and try to appear semi-formal. 

2. Remember to Be Polite

Regardless of winning and losing, keep in mind that you need to be polite. We all know how easy it is to get carried away, so watch your behaviour towards other people at the casino. In case you’re winning, try to keep your voice down, and, if you’re losing, be cool and stay calm. Also, know how much money you can afford to wager and lose, in order to avoid stress. 

3. Observe the Gameplay Before Joining

It would be appropriate to wait and watch a few hands of any table game before you sit down and play. That way, you can pick up on some basic rules and come up with your own strategy. After all, it will lead to a much better atmosphere when you are finally ready to sit down and play. Then, make sure you’re aware of the minimum and maximum bets of each table as they will differ.

4. Ask if You Can Join the Table

As a newbie at the casino you’re probably wondering what games to play. As soon as you decide on a table you’d like to sit at, ask if you can join. Once you sit, keep in mind to take breaks from whatever game you choose, as regular breaks can keep your mind fresh and help you stay in control of your gameplay.

The Dos of Playing at a Casino

The Don’ts of Playing at a Casino

As we’ve already mentioned, from the moment you walk through those doors your casino etiquette becomes very essential. What’s important is that you don't find yourself in an embarrassing situation or, even worse, get removed from the property. So, try to remember the following advices:

1. Don’t Sit at the Table if You’re Not Going to Play

In case you’re only interested in observing, don’t sit at the table until you’re ready to play. If you come to support a friend, stay behind the table. Those seats are reserved for players only. In case you’re still not ready to join, try playing table games at online casinos first.

2. Don’t Give Dealer Your Money

Try to remember one more thing - do not hand dealers your money or chips, as they are not allowed to handle them directly. As soon as you get the chips, put them on the table. In fact, they will not accept it any other way. Also, don’t change your mind about the chips. Once you make your decision, stick to it.

3. Don’t Talk to the Dealer

Ok, there’s nothing wrong with asking the dealer a question or two, but they are not your instructors. Respect other players who are trying to concentrate on their moves and try not to interrupt the gameplay. If you must, ask questions between the hands. You may as well tip your dealer based on the level of service provided while you were at the table.

4. Don’t Use Your Phone at a Table

Not only is using your phone during the gameplay unethical, it’s also rude to distract other players who are trying to concentrate. In fact, most croupiers will ask you to turn off your phone while playing. In case you really have to take a call, step away from the table between the hands.

The Donts of Playing at a Casino

Relax and Have Fun!

In case you still feel like the only newbie out there, remember that you’re probably not! Especially now that you know these common rules, you’ll be like a pro in no time. How others behave at the casino will also help you act in the right way, so pay attention to your surroundings and we’re sure you’ll do fine!

Did you find this information helpful? Don’t forget to share your thoughts at our forum and stay tuned for other exciting stories!

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