Can You Win Progressive Jackpots in Succession

Can You Win More than One Progressive Jackpot in Quick Succession at Online Casinos?

What's the one way you can be sure you'll never win a jackpot? By not playing online slots. Simple as that. If you do play them, however, then there is always a realistic chance you could be winning big. However, what many online slot players seem to rack their brains about is: can you win two large jackpots in quick succession at online casinos? Well… can you?

Can You Win Two Jackpots in Succession?

Short answer: yes, you can. Since the result of every online slot is entirely random—remember our blog about online slot myths? We talked about this at length there; why not brush up on the curric­ulu­m?—­any­thing is possible.

You may have heard about 'progressive slots that pay out regularly' and then decided to spin the reels of said slots, ending up winning next to nothing. Whose fault is that? No one's. It's just that every single slot is random and you can never know what's in store for you.

"An online slot has no memory that it's just paid out a big jackpot, which is why it's possible to hit two progressive jackpots in a row."

Likewise, winning huge jackpots in a row at online casinos is just as possible. A slot machine has no memory that it's just paid out a large amount, which is why you can win more than one jackpot in a row.

Random Progressive Jackpots

Here's the really fun part! Playing Microgaming and Playtech slotsMarvel slots, for example—is especially exciting as you can win a jackpot on every single spin, no matter what the bet amount, since the bonus games are randomly awarded.

Now, these types of slots usually have jackpots of different values and, since the lower valued jackpots are won every few minutes, there's naturally a greater chance of hitting those in quick succession.

Mega Moolah Slot Cashes Out

Take the extremely famous Mega Moolah slot for example. The popular Microgaming slot has four progressive jackpots, two of which are very low valued. That's all fine and dandy, but about the other two massive jackpots? Yep, even they have been known to cash out in succession!

There have been various instances of these types of winnings, but here's a specific example. Namelt, a lucky player once managed to nail the Mega Moolah Major Jackpot of over €27,000, with another player hitting the Mega Moolah Major Jackpot of nearly €12,000 a mere 12 hours later. See? It can be done. All you need's a bit of luck and the limits literally don't exist.

Your Take?

Basically, whoever's told you it's impossible to hit two large jackpots in quick succession has fed you lies for one reason or another. Probably because Lady Luck hasn't been overly kind to them.

Have you ever managed to hit two large(ish) progressive jackpots in a row at an online or mobile casino? Do you still believe it to be impossible? Tell us all your thoughts (or fears?) over at our forum—we cherish discussion and can't wait to hear from you!