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Pro Athletes With Gambling Habits

Famous Athletes and Their Crazy Gambling Stories

Certain pro-athletes and their foolish gambling activities show how it’s actually possible for some high rollers to lose millions of dollars in a day. Not only are these sporting legends competitive, but also adrenaline junkies who love taking risks. The excitement of losing or winning large sums of money goes hand in hand with their thrill-seeking personalities. So, browse through our list to find out who these sportsmen are! 

Pro Athletes Who Enjoy Gambling

You guys probably remember that last week we covered the topic Famous Movie Stars Who Enjoy Gambling. Well, this time we’ve decided to talk about the most popular sport stars and their insane gambling stories. In fact, we singled out some of the most fascinating ones, so let’s take a closer look at them.

#1 Tiger Woods

When it comes to gambling in online casinos or land-based establishments, there are some sports stars who know how to play their cards right. One of them is a pro-golfer Tiger Woods’ which is why he is number one on our list. He frequently plays $25,000 per hand, on Blackjack, with a $1 million limit at the MGM Grand Las Vegas casino. 

#2 Michael Jordan

Number two on our list is a basketball legend, Michael Jordan. Flash forward to 1993, when he was spotted gambling in Atlantic City the night before a game against the Knicks, he admitted he lost $165,000. According to Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones, Michael Jordan fanatically played craps and reportedly lost over $5 million, back in 2007.

#3 Charles Barkley

Moving on to another basketball player, Charles Barkley, who managed to lose $1 million, at least 10 times, in a single day. In a famous interview he gave for “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” when he was asked what he liked about gambling, Barkley explained “It’s exciting to win money. I’m not trying to win a lot, I’m just trying to win.”

Famous Athletes and Their Crazy Gambling Stories

#4 Wayne Rooney

The next one on our list is an English professional footballer, Wayne Rooney, who publicly admitted he’s been having a massive gambling problem for quite some time. As “The Sunday Mirror” reported, Rooney accumulated £700,000 in debt, while betting on sports games, mostly football and horse racing. Rooney also lost over $100,000 in one day at a casino, after flying home from scoring twice for England in the World Cup qualifier in Belarus, in 2008.

#5 Michael Phelps

Moving on to number 5. Michael Phelps’ net worth is estimated at $55 million by Celebrity Net Worth. The rumor has it he enjoys spending thousands of dollars while playing poker. In 2013, he participated in his first World Series of poker festival, where he took part in a $5,000 tournament. Once, he tweeted a photo of his $100,000-dollar chip while playing high stakes poker.

#6 Floyd Mayweather 

Number six is a former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr, who is also known for regularly tweeting pictures of his betting slips, showing wagers that even go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although he may not be disclosing every cheeky bet to the world, you’ll find him on social media celebrating his big wins.

Famous Athletes and Their Crazy Gambling Stories

#7 Mario Balotelli

Next in the line is Mario Balotelli. A former Liverpool and Manchester City football player whose current team is Nice, appears to be a good man. After winning £25,000 from a gambling den in Manchester, he encountered a homeless person outside and gave him £1,000. Just like that! 

#8 Paul Hornung

We’ve made it to the end of our list. One of the most famous footballers of his generation, Paul Hornung is our number eight. His reputation was ruined when he was implicated in a betting scandal on football games in 1963. As a result, Hornung was banned for one season as he was found to have been betting several hundred dollars on the NFL and NCAA.

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Gambling is big business amongst celebrities, and they obviously have plenty of money to waste on it. With their competitive personalities and extravagant lifestyles, it’s no wonder some of them end up being adrenaline junkies who are addicted to winning. Did any of these names catch you by surprise? Do you think someone else deserves to be on the list? If so, let us know on our forum. We’d love to hear what you think!

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