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Playing Casino Games with Voice Recognition

The Future of Voice Controlled Games in Online Casinos

A technology advances at a tremendous speed so do our favourite online casinos! We’re constantly searching for things and now casinos are starting to adapt to this, as they introduce voice controlled games online. Today we are going to look at the future of voice controlled games in online casinos and how this will affect you. 

Voice Search. What is it?

The way we search for things is getting easier and easier and now voice search is making it a whole lot easier. As the focus turns more and more to searching with our voices instead of typing, more and more places are jumping on the bandwagon including online casinos. 

The most popular voice controls can be found from the likes of Apple with their Siri, Amazon launched their very own Alexa and of course there’s Google Home now too. 

As technology advances more and more people are using voice control to search online.

Siri for example is built in to virtually every Apple device which allows you to search for anything on the device using your voice. Siri can follow commands, answer questions and can even browse the internet for you.

Amazon’s Alexa is a similar voice controlled service only this one can control your home with simple voice commands. Similar to Siri it can also answer questions, play music and it can even purchase items through a voice command on Amazon. 

Google Home is another huge brand that have now implemented voice control. The built in speakers enables you to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google's personal assistant. 

And if we were just to compare these three today to when they were first launched, you’d see a huge improvement. Voice search is everywhere so it was only natural that sooner or later it would end up in casinos, but the question is does it really work? Will the concept of a voice activated video game work in this industry? Let’s take a look. 

Using Voice Activation

So let’s picture the scene. You want to play your favourite online slots while your sat at a bus stop. Maybe trying to find an online voice game would be tricky considering, you’d have to speak out loud and might want to keep this private. Because let’s face it do we really want every Tom, Dick and Harry hearing what games we’re playing on our phones!

In fact, if you think about it when you’re walking up the high street do you hear people shouting commands into their phones? Not really, and after years of Apple's Siri being in the market, Amazon realised this which is why their voice activated devices are suited more in the home.

So let’s just say you’re at home and you need to cook dinner for the family but you’re on an insane winning streak and can’t put your device down. Voice control might come in pretty handy then, right? You can carry out your cooking duties and use voice control to search for your games while you're cooking or doing whatever it is your doing. 

Voice control games online can mean you can do your searching and still have both your hands free. Throw the voice activated video game on auto spin and voila!

Where Can I Find Voice Control?

Well, with all that being said it’s still a tricky feature when it comes to your favorite online casinos. Brands like Apple and Google may have nailed it, but there’s only a few casinos that have implemented it:

  1. Wynn Resorts at Las Vegas, a land-based casino installed Amazon Echo
  2. Wild Tornado Casino - They were the first online casino to add voice control games online back in 2018. They added this to any device including smartphones which meant you could even search for voice control games for Android. It relies purely on voice commands to find your favourite games allowing you to kick off a game even faster and easier. Sounds pretty cool, right? Maybe you could this out and let us know if it works for you and tell us over in our forum.
  3. Paddy Power Casino - Back in 2017 they launched a trial which lasted a month using the voice-controlled personal assistant service Amazon Alexa. To date the casino are yet to decide whether or not they will continue with the project.
  4. Unibet Casino - Way back in 2016 the casino added a Siri voice service through their app for Apple users as a test ride. The special feature enabled you to place voice-activated bets through your iPhones. Examples of these commands included saying ‘five quid on Chelsea to win’ or ‘tenner on a 3-0 City win’. This feature can now be found using the Unibet app found in the Apple Store. You can use their search engine to search for slots, for example if you say ‘Immortal Romance’ it will instantly find the game for you. We couldn’t find the option to still be able to place bets using voice control

What Does the Future Hold?

Good question! Is there really a future for voice commands in casinos or for voice control pc games? Who knows. What we do know is in technology terms is - it is a great time to be alive. Technology will continue to advance, whether or not we’ll be telling our devices to search for games using our voices in a few years is anyone's guess! We’ll just have to wait and see!

Tell us What You Think!

Do you have anything you’d like to add to our blog? We’d love to hear where you’re using voice control commands, so why not join us over in the forum and we’ll continue the discussion there. 

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