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Annoying Casino Players 2021 | Types & Habits - AskGamblers

These Are Some of the Most Annoying Casino Players You Can Come Across

Every now and again you’ll stumble across a player that annoys the hell out of you. Whether that be when you’re playing at online casinos, chatting in forums or if you’re playing your favourite game in a land-based casino. Wherever you may be, we’d bet money on it that at least one player has annoyed you in some shape or form. So, in today’s blog we’re going to look at some of the most annoying players, no offence intended of course, just for a bit of fun. 

Annoying Online Casino Players

Okay, so you’re playing at your favourite casino. Hitting up some online slots or table games when you decided to share your experiences in a gambling forum. Preferably the AskGamblers forum of course. 

Forums are a fantastic way to share stories and to listen to others, but lurking in the shadows will always be that one annoying player.

Forums are a fantastic way to share stories and to listen to others, but lurking in the shadows will always be that one annoying player. There’s always one. Don’t get us wrong, the majority of time you'll be met with players just like you who share the same hobby. But, sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll stumble across an annoying one. 

In fact, it may not even be at a forum. Maybe you’re enjoying some in-game chat with your fellow players and it just so happens one of them is annoying you. So, let’s take a look at some of the most annoying types of online casino players:

1.The Scammer / Non Believer

Without a doubt this has to be one of the most annoying kinds of players! These are the ones that will moan about every game and every casino they play in. They will blame all their losses on the casino and will usually try to say they are in some way being scammed. 

They will believe that every game is rigged, but will continue to gamble their money in the quest to prove the casino is cheating them. The only thing these kinds of players need to do is stop playing. If you aren’t enjoying it, stop. Stop raining on everyone else’s parade and find a new hobby.  

2. The Strategist - The One With a Get Rich Quick Plan

Now, all of us here know there really is no such thing as a strategy to win, right? There is no get rich quick plan, games are random and that is a fact. Something that will work for one player probably won’t work for another one. 

There’s nothing more annoying than someone telling you how much you need to bet, when to bet and how many bets you need to place to win. Why? Because, in a nutshell, it’s a load of crap. If you’re reading these kinds of strategies anywhere online, you really shouldn’t be taking any notice. Take your own advice, we’re sure your lucky day will come eventually. 

Unfortunately, in an industry where so much money is potentially at stake, you’re always going to come across players who think they have the golden answer to win. The reality is, they don’t. 

3. The Impatient Player

Nowadays, withdrawals are getting faster and faster but you’ll probably find that nothing is instant when you’re playing at an online casino. If you’re making a withdrawal and it’s your first one, you’ll need to invest in some patience. 

You’ll probably have to go through verification and other checks before the money is paid to you. However, there will always be players who want their money and they want it now. Be prepared to wait sometimes. If you’re playing at a reputable online casino and you’ve stuck to their terms and conditions, you’ll get your money. Patience is a virtue after all.  

4. The Player Who Doesn’t Read the T&Cs

And that brings us nicely onto our next annoying player, the ones who don't read the terms and conditions. And you’d be surprised how many of these players are out there. Every single casino has their own terms and conditions and they are there for a reason. 

Take 10 minutes out of your time to read them and it might just be the key to your success further down the line. Would you drive a car blindfolded? Nope! So why start betting with your hard earned cash, if you haven’t read the rules first?

Chances are, if you don’t read them, you’re on the road to breaking one of their terms. That’s where the annoying player comes in. They’ll post online about their bad experiences only to find out they never read the terms and conditions in the first place. Don’t want your winnings confiscated? Read the terms.

5. The Dreamer

We all love to dream big and casino games and slots are capable of making dreams come true. That is certain. But multi-million dollar wins come few and far between. It’s okay to dream, but some players will believe if they play a game long enough, they’ll win the jackpot. 

Winning a jackpot is never a guarantee regardless of how many spins you make. If you chase a jackpot, you’ll never get it. Play like you normally would and one day you may win it when you least expect it. 

6. The Irresponsible Player

Playing within your financial means is one of the most important things you need to remember. There will always be a player that will deposit, deposit, deposit and then try and claim their deposits back, if they don’t win. 

In case you have a gambling addiction, don’t be afraid to speak out. It’s not a taboo topic anymore. There are resources out there to help you. Don’t be irresponsible. Don't let gambling ruin your life, it’s not worth it. Visit our forum for lots of help there, if you find you are struggling. 

7. The Career Player

And finally, before we move on to annoying players that can be found in land based casinos, you may stumble across one or two players that think they can make a career out of gambling online. You can’t. 

Okay, okay so yes there are some professional poker players out there, but as casino games and slots go, there’s no career in that. Keep it as a hobby and keep your career to your education.

Annoying Land Based Players

1.The One Who Observes

If you've visited a land based casino, you’ve probably got one thing on your mind. Playing. Sometimes you may come across an observer. A player who stands stationed at a machine but doesn’t play, hogging it, so no one else can play. 

2. The Bragger

Come on, we all love to brag. Who doesn’t want to when they’ve just won a huge jackpot. But there’s bragging and then there’s bragging. There’ll always be the one who is shouting across the casino what they’ve just won and telling everyone their business.

3. The Mr. Know It All

Another annoying player you are almost definitely guaranteed to come across in a land-based casino. They know it all. There will always be one player who thinks they know everything about every game and only their advice is the right advice. 

4. The Drinker

You probably shouldn't mix alcohol and gambling, but they do come part and parcel when you visit a land-based casino. Of course, taking this into account you may stumble across a player who is completely wasted and still playing some table games. Struggling to read their cards or make their next move. Stay away from the drink and just celebrate after you've won, don’t be that annoying player. 

5. The Stinker

The great thing with gambling online is you’re probably doing it in the comfort of your own home. If you’ve taken the plunge and gone land based, then you’ll be mixed with all kinds of players. There may even be one who has forgotten to apply their deodorant that night. There’s always one. 

6. The Fidgeter

Finally, the player who cannot keep still. Nothing more annoying than being sat around a table game next to someone who just cannot keep still. Whether it be the jungling of their casino chips or the banging of their drinks glass, you could probably do without it. 

Know More Annoying Players?

That's all we have for now, but we bet you’ve come across some annoying players that we haven't mentioned here. So, be sure to join us over in the forum and we’ll continue the discussion there. 

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