Men and Women in the World of Online Casinos

Men and Women in the World of Online Casinos

For years it has been believed that men find gambling more appealing than women. According to various research, women who do like to gamble, prefer games of chance such as slots and bingo, whereas men rather choose skill games like poker and blackjack. However, the evolution of land-based casino to online casinos has brought numerous changes including the shift in perception.

Do Men and Women Still Play Different Casino Games?

Online casinos have brought on new trends and the fact is that gender now plays only a minor role in choosing among the plethora of casino games that are on offer.  As the matter a fact, we believe that the industry is long past the idea that men only opt for skill games, whereas women only look for entertainment and challenge Lady Luck.

Back in the old days, games in land based casinos were classified  as strictly male or female games. However, nowadays data from online casinos confirms that both sexes can enjoy different casino games equally. Women are not shy to take a seat and try their luck in online table games, nor do men avoid spinning the reels on popular online slots.

In online casinos players go past the stereotypes when looking for suitable casino games to play.

The anonymity online casinos offer has definitely removed gender biased constraints. Both men and women are able to feel more confident and less intimidated, as they know their choices won’t be judged. This allows players to go past the stereotypes when looking for suitable casino games to play, let loose, and enjoy the thrill of gambling.

In addition, casino software providers have started developing online slots which require skill, but also provide entertainment that attracts men. But even these slots that have been intended for the male players, like the various Marvel themed slots, found their female audience. Apparently, contemporary women are not only attracted to rainbows and unicorns, but to superheroes and villains likewise. The new generation of online casino slot games definitely meets the needs and taste of both men and women.

Online Casinos Turn Towards Women

In the past, online casinos used to feature women showcasing cleavages. This was a simple advertising trick that was used to attract men. However, in the recent years, we’ve been all witnesses of a change in this trend as a result of online casinos targeting female players as well.

Casinos have undertaken complete makeover introducing new designs and advertising strategies.

Not only have the ads changed, but casinos have undertaken complete makeovers introducing a new look and feel.  A very masculine theme used to be dominant, but now casinos have become more gender sensitive. There are even those such as Anna Casino which have a clear girly theme.

In the following period, the growing number of female players will undoubtedly bring even more changes within the iGaming industry. The fact that there are so many successful women in leading positions is just another bit of evidence that ladies perhaps didn’t find land based casino attractive, but are definitely both valuable players  and an important part of an online casino industry.

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