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The Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Why the Transition from HTTP to HTTPS Matters

If you’ve paid close attention to AskGamblers in the past few weeks, you might’ve noticed something’s different – more specifically in the link area. Namely, we’ve gone from HTTP to HTTPS. So, what does that mean exactly? Most of us know that HTTPS stands for something more secure compared to HTTP, but we don’t really know the details behind the added ‘S’. Therefore today we’re going to take a look at the basics of HTTPS and explore why it is important.


Let’s begin with the name itself. HTTP is abbreviated from Hypertext Transfer Protocol, while HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The difference is obvious to the naked eye, but what this really means is that sensitive information stored on websites that use HTTPS is protected from third parties.

HTTPS makes sure sensitive information and payment details are protected from third parties.

Naturally, that is precisely why most banks, online shops, credit card companies, e-wallet providers and online casinos use HTTPS – so that all your payment info and details would be 100% secure at all times.

How HTTPS Works

HTTPS websites use state-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologies that encrypt data and thus keep it safe from hackers and any other outside parties. But why is it important? Well, SSL doesn’t just keep the info stored on the website safe; it also protects it while being transferred from one place to another – the ‘another’ place being a processing station, for example.

When You Should Look for HTTPS Websites

By now you’ve surely realized that when you’re in the process of picking your next online or mobile casino, you should be looking for those with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure as you’ll be leaving personal info and payment details there in no time. You really wouldn’t want your social security number or credit card info getting in the wrong hands, would you?

The remedy is simple: as soon as you come across an online casino that doesn’t use HTTPS, avoid it. You know what they say: better safe than sorry! However, if you really like a casino and you want to be 100% certain that you’re making the right decision, scan the page where depositing and withdrawing occurs. No HTTPS? Run like hell!

“To check whether a casino is secured with SSL encryption, simply take a look at our casino reviews.”

Luckily, you can always check if an online casino has SSL encryption in our casino reviews. To go one step further, look for casinos that don’t stop at Secure Socket Layers, but they’re also regularly audited and certified for fairness and security.

Your Turn

Are you guilty of never checking if an online casino uses HTTPS or do you invariably pick casinos with SSL encryption? Are you concerned with safety when depositing and withdrawing your winnings are casinos?

While we wait to hear from you at our forum, we’ll continue our celebration of the transition from HTTP to HTTPS – that’s how important this news is. And remember: stay safe!