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Will Machines Learn How to Gamble in the Future

Rise of the Machines: Will Terminator Learn How to Gamble in the Future?

Just a few decades ago, who could have imagined that something so futuristic as artificial intelligence and machine learning would become a frequent and important topic for various segments of modern society? Hi-tech industries such as robotics or virtual entertainment with online casinos and online slots serve as excellent examples of the rising power of the machines. Will Terminator learn how to gamble in the future? And will he get angry if he loses to a human? As scary as they might be, these questions can no longer be neglected.     

AI Introduces Itself to the Gambling Industry 

Long gone are the days when terms like AI, casino algorithms, virtual and augmented reality were reserved solely for a bunch of enthusiastic scientists and fans of the legendary Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The AI has been here for some time now and the online gambling industry was among the first to welcome its arrival.   

Artificial intelligence and online gambling have made a strong alliance.

If you travel back in time, you will find out that AI is nothing more than a sophisticated level of computer programming. Or is it? Virtual reality online casinos and 3-D games are overtaking the iGaming world like storm growing the army of players minute by minute. For a deeper insight into the rise of the AI in online gambling you may also refer to our post Will AI Make an Impact on Online Gambling?.            

Data Can Help Us Improve Accuracy and Odds 

Data. Data. Data. Nowadays it seems like wherever you go, you’ll end up being followed by the echo of the word data. Internet is full of data, TV and commercials bombard us with data, and finally AI is focused on nothing else but the automatic collection and analysis of data.

But didn’t we collect data before AI? Yes, we did. However, the opportunities regarding data analytics, scoring patterns and delivering realistic betting odds we had prior to the moment when AI entered the iGaming space, were far more modest compared to how AI can help us improve accuracy and odds.

Online gaming databases such as Sharkscope are specifically used to track the results of online players.

The perfect example where analytics may help players is Sharkscope, the largest database of online poker tournament results which provides up-to-date player and tournament statistics. And as you know, online casinos now use random number generators to make sure they offer their visitors fair play.

Hold that thought for a second. A generator is still a program, right? So, is it technically possible for an AI robot to learn how to crack a casino algorithm? And if so, is there a way to setup an AI bot to cheat an online casino? We wrote about Is It Possible to Cheat RNGs on Online Slots?, so feel free to look up the answers in that article as well.       

Machine Learning Detects Gambling Addiction

An outstanding advantage of possible application of AI in online gambling is related to an early detection of gambling addiction and that is why Mr Green Launched Predictive Gaming Tool. In general, the iGaming industry has put a lot of efforts into helping players identify potentially harming gambling habits.    

BetBuddy is an AI software solution which makes accurate predictions about players that may be at risk.

Analytics software packages such as BetBuddy, created as a result of collaboration between the City University of London and a software analytics company, are ideal examples of how AI and machine learning can be used for the sake of responsible gambling

Given that fact, it’s no wonder why Playtech decided to acquire and integrate BetBuddy’s behavioral identification software into their IMS player management system.

Virtual Casinos in the Hands of Millen­nia­ls  

Facebook invested billions into buying Oculus Rift and Microsoft invented HoloLens. Are these two supersonic VR headsets supposed to tell us something? Yes, they are. Virtual and augmented reality already offer adventures never seen before. 

People have virtually climbed Mont Everest and visit shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean with the help of a single pair of VR headsets.

SlotsMillion is one of the few online casinos that allows you to play for real money in an unreal world.

Millennials, who are mostly all digital natives, represent 50% of the workforce today. Only a small percentage of them will maybe enter a physical casino. Figuring this out, virtual online casinos like SlotsMIllion have developed clever strategies for capturing the younger millennial market. 

According to the stats from the UK Gambling Commission, the number of online players in the age from 18 to 34 years old has doubled from 10% in 2008 reaching almost 20% in 2017. This could lead to the conclusion that millennials get to see land-based casinos only when they watch the famous Godfather film series.

What do you think about the rising power of AI and its impact on online gambling? Share your comments and thoughts at our forum – the place to be.

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