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How Terms and Conditions Work at Online Casinos

How to Read Terms and Conditions

When signing up at online casinos, you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions at the end of the registration process. This typically requires nothing more than you clicking a check box. Heck, it's even a universal joke that no one actually reads the Terms at the final phase of any online registration.

However, online casino T&C's are often not intuitive. The rules established by each online or mobile casino are individual, detailed and, quite frankly, vital for your online gambling career. Let's see if we can make reading and understanding the Terms and Conditions of an online casino easier for you.

1. Track down the Terms and Conditions

The first step to reading the Terms is finding them. Reputable online casinos will allow you to access the Terms easily and at any time you would like to read them. The link for the Terms and Conditions page will almost certainly be available on the registration page. Additionally, if you'd like to read them before or after registering, you should be able to find a link on the website. This is usually located in the bottom of the site, with a link title of "Terms and Conditions", "Terms of Service", or "Rules".

"If an online casino does not have its Terms readily accessible, you might want to consider playing elsewhere."

If a website does not make its Terms and Conditions readily accessible, ask the customer support for them. Furthermore, if they turn out to be unhelpful, you may want to consider playing elsewhere. Any online casino that expects its players to abide by a set of rules without giving them the ability to read them is certainly rogue and you'd best steer clear of those.

2. Check for Restricted Countries and Age Restrictions

The first order of business when reading Terms and Conditions is determining if you are eligible. Begin by looking for the list of restricted countries and the minimum age restriction. A handy function when looking for these things is the Find feature in your browser. This is usually enabled by pressing CTRL + F on a Windows computer, or COMMAND + F on a computer using Mac OS X.

Then, try searching "jurisdiction," "countries," or your country in your browser's Find feature to find a list of excluded countries. Word of caution, though: some online casinos will not explicitly ban any country. As for the age restriction, search the keyword "age". If you meet both of these requirements, read on. Otherwise, find another place to play.

3. Find Special Exclusions

No one likes to be surprised to find out that they are not permitted to play their favourite online slots at an online casino. Commonly, an online casino will void your winnings, refund your deposits and ask that you close your account if you are found ineligible to play. Avoid the disappointment of having this happen beforehand.

"Certain casinos will have additional requirements that you need to meet before playing, such as specific towns restrictions."

Namely, some online casinos have special requirements that you must meet in addition to country and age restrictions. Common miscellaneous restrictions include banning students from playing or banning certain towns within countries that are otherwise permitted to play. These special restrictions will be found nearby the general restrictions if they exist in a casino's Terms.

4. Look for Bogus Play Terms

If you deposit at an online casino and don't take a casino bonus, the money should always be yours to gamble how you see fit. Any fair online casino will not place restrictions on play if you do not take a promotional offer.

Therefore, be sure to check for any unfair Terms regarding play not in the promotional section of the rules. If a casino states that it will void winnings if they find you aren't playing "recreationally," simply get away from the casino as fast as you can.

5. Thoroughly Examine the General Promotional Terms

If there's one section of the Terms and Conditions that is essential to understanding online gambling completely, it's the promotional section. If you intend on taking a casino's online bonuses, you need to have a firm grasp of the rules surrounding these promotions.

Before taking a specific online casino bonus, you should also see if the bonus has its own specific Terms. While this isn't all you should look for, be sure to have a solid understanding of the following elements of the online casino bonuses:

  • Playthrough requirements
  • Excluded games
  • How bonus funds are disbursed
  • Whether the bonuses are cashable

In addition, ensure that the casino does not have an unfair term giving them the right to void your winnings even if you abide by the rest of the rules.

5. Take Your Time to Read the T&C's

Final summation: take your time with the T&C's. While it may seem like a daunting task, just taking a few minutes to get all of these key points will ensure that your online gambling experience is filled with much less trouble.

"To sum up – always take your time to carefully read a casino's specific Terms and Conditions."

So, always read the specific Terms and Conditions before signing up and occasionally check them for updates. By doing so, you guarantee that your time spent at an online casino won't be fraught with refunds, delays, or confiscations.

Thoughts? Comments?

How important to you think scanning the Terms is? Do you always do it or are you guilty of ticking the 'I Have Read' box and proceeding to online or mobile slots without checking the fine print? Tell us all about your T&C experience – we're waiting at our forum, as per usual!

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