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How to Use Free Spins at Online Casinos

How to Use Free Spins Like a Pro When Playing Online Slots

One thing is sure: there is no magic formula when it comes to online slots. It’s either your lucky day, or it isn’t. However, there are always options that allow you to improve upon your winning shots at online casinos and Free Spins are definitely the way to do it! Use them right and you might just turn that losing day around. Here’s how.

The Results of Online Slots Are Arbitrary

First of all, it’s important to understand that online slot machines are governed by RNGs or Random Number Generators, computer programs that churn out arbitrary numbers and make sure results are always unpredictable and fair.

“Online slots are governed by RNGs, which make sure results are always unpredictable and fair.”

Long story short: you can’t really study a slot’s pattern in order to beat it. The only thing you can do is deduce what usually happens with a specific slot, which can in no way guarantee you that’s what going to happen to you or every single time.

“You can’t really study a slot’s pattern in order to beat it.”

In the same way, you can look at a slot’s RTP value, short for Return to Player value, but all it will tell you is how much of all the money wagered will be paid back to players over a certain amount of time. It’s purely theoretical and you shouldn’t take it literally.

Track Casino Deals

Ok, but still, how can you make sure your winning chances are boosted in a smart way? Simple. Keep track of online casino deals and promotions, especially if you don’t want to constantly use your money and your money alone for gambling and you’ll be able to stretch your funds out for as long as possible.

“Keep track of casino deals, especially if you don’t want to constantly use just your money for online gambling.”

However, when claiming Free Spins in order to help you improve your winning shots and delay spending your own gambling funds, don’t skip the Terms and Conditions. Using Free Spins when you feel like going easy on your budget is a wise decision, but if you don’t read what the fine print has to say, you might end up getting more than you bargained for.

The truth is, online casino bonuses and Free Spins often turn out to be less profitable than they initially seem to, so always check their Terms, see what exactly you need to give and do in order to get and you’ll be fine.

Different Approaches to Online Slots

Finally, depending on your approach to online slots you can choose which Free Spins are the most suitable for you and when to get them. If you only spin the reels of online slots recreationally – say, to reduce boredom – then casino Free Spins are perfect for trying out multiple online slots without spending too much – or anything, depending on each bonus’s specifications.

On the other hand, if you play to win big, casino Free Spins are the perfect way to extend gameplay and ensure no additional money will be lost even during longer losing streaks.

It all comes down to what you want, how and why you play online slots; claiming Free Spins is just a bonus! No pun intended.


When do you usually use Free Spins and why? Do you have any particular strategies when playing at online or mobile casinos? Share your thoughts with us at our forum – we’re waiting!

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