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Casino Loyalty Programs

Casino Loyalty Programs Explained: Your Guide to Making the Most of Loyalty Points

If you’re regularly spending your hard-earned cash at online casinos, did you know that you can get rewarded for this?

Most online casinos offer some kind of loyalty program, casino loyalty points or a VIP program and that’s what we’re about to show you today.

Every time you play your favourite games you could be earning cash and rewards that you never even knew about and this is where our blog is about to come in handy. We’re going to show you how online casino loyalty programs work and how you can start benefiting from them.

Naturally, some loyalty programs will be more beneficial than others but most of them will depend on how much you play. The good news is that there are programs to suit you all, from low rollers to high rollers, so take a look through our blog so you can find the best loyalty program to suit your style of play.

What Are Casino Loyalty Programs?

Most online casinos have one and it rewards you for playing which could be anything from bonuses to cold hard cash.

However, gambling loyalty programs all work in different ways but they do all share one thing in common; they reward you for your loyalty. Every time you deposit and wager at a casino you could be earning rewards that include online casino loyalty points, free bonuses and merchandise.

These kinds of incentive schemes can also be known as casino rewards programs but they all work in much the same way. The more you play, the more you’ll be rewarded.

Most casinos want you to remain loyal to them which is why they have these gambling loyalty programs in place. However you could very well be playing somewhere right now and not even realise you’re part of the loyalty program, so it’s worth checking out all of your current accounts if you haven’t already.

A casino rewards loyalty program will allow you to redeem your rewards or casino loyalty points once you reach a certain threshold which we’ll discuss next.

How Online Casino Loyalty Programs Work?

In order to benefit from an online casino loyalty program, you would usually have to be a regular member, depositing and wagering on a regular basis. Some casino loyalty programs will require you to opt in whilst others will be automatic. If you’re going to gamble online, you may as well get rewarded for it, right?

The best online casino loyalty program will reward you every time you play and will cater for all kinds of budgets, not just to those who are willing to bet hundreds of bucks every day.

One of the most popular types of loyalty programs is cashback based on how many online casino loyalty points you can earn. For example, earn 100 casino loyalty points and exchange it for $1. We've explained more about how casinos calculate points in the next section.

Other loyalty programs can reward you with other perks based on your activity at the casino which can include casino spins, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, low wager bonuses, and even merchandise. Depending on the casino and the type of reward they could come completely wager free. Cha-ching, Cha-ching!

You may also become part of a VIP program whereby your perks will increase every time you reach a new level, however, these kinds of programs are usually more suited to those who bet considerable amounts on a very regular basis. We’ll touch more on this later.

How Do Casino Loyalty Points Work?

To touch on how casino points work again you should know that it will usually be wager-based. How much you wager at a casino will determine how many points you collect. When enrolling in a loyalty points-based program you should check which games contribute towards the wagering as some casinos may restrict certain games.

Now, let’s take a look at how casinos calculate points. This is usually on a ratio basis and one of the most popular ratios is to earn 1 online casino loyalty point for every $1 you wager. This means if you wager $100 on eligible games you’ll have racked up 100 loyalty points.

The best online casino loyalty programs will give you a good ratio when exchanging your points back for cash or rewards and there will usually be a minimum number of points you must collect before you can exchange them.

Are Casino Loyalty and Rewards Programs the Same?

Casino loyalty programs are designed to reward you if you are a loyal customer which means depositing on a regular basis. These kinds of loyalty programs are in place to try and keep you as a customer and to keep you depositing by offering you a loyalty reward for doing so.

Is a reward program the same?

Pretty much, the difference comes when you’re comparing a VIP program to a loyalty program.

A loyalty scheme can reward you with a variety of rewards and you may not even have to deposit that regularly however if you compare this to a VIP Program it can be very different. These programs are more catered to high rollers and can often come with exclusive gifts, trips abroad and sporting tickets.

But ultimately, they both share the same similarity which is giving you something back for being loyal at the casino.

Casino Loyalty Programs vs Coupons

Casino loyalty programs only work if you stick to the same casinos, if you bounce from one casino to another depositing in a different place every time you’re probably never going to earn any loyalty rewards but this is where coupons come in.

Coupons can be claimed in most casinos and can offer you all types of bonuses and casino spins in return for a deposit. If you don’t feel you’re someone who’s going to stick around in the same casino then you’re probably better off hunting down the best coupons and earning rewards that way instead.

Casino Loyalty Programs vs VIP Casino Bonuses

We’ve touched already on the kind of perks you could enjoy from a VIP scheme which may seem very attractive but you need to consider how much you’re going to be depositing and you should never play beyond your financial means, just to claim a VIP perk.

Casino loyalty programs can suit most types of players, some don’t require you to deposit large amounts however it’s very different when it comes to VIP Casino Bonuses.

These bonuses will require a large deposit which could even range between £500 - £1000!

If you’re a low-mid roller depositing £10 -£100 a time you’d benefit more from a loyalty scheme than a VIP bonus. Alternatively, you can always check out the types of online casino bonuses to get more information or even compare our exclusive bonuses and see which ones work best for you.

Are There Any Differences Between Casino Loyalty Programs at Online vs Land-Based Casinos?

Just like online casinos, land based casinos may also offer loyalty programs for their most frequent customers and depending on how much you spend, could become very lucrative. Some of the most popular types of perks you’ll enjoy in a land based casino include free drinks and food, event tickets, free hotel stays and more.

The similarities between the two types of venues will be the level of your perks. The more you play in an online casino, the more loyalty points you earn and the more you spend in a land based casino, the better your reward will be.

Types of Casino Loyalty Programs

Every single casino is different which naturally means, they’ll all decide how to reward their most loyal customers differently too. However, here some of the loyalty programs you can expect to find:

  • Loyalty Points Program
  • Cashback Program
  • VIP Scheme
  • Casino Shop
  • Players Club
  • Casino Races
  • Missions

We’ve already touched on some of these that you can opt-in to but a lot of casinos will automatically opt you into their loyalty program as soon as you register.

For example, Casino Races. These kinds of loyalty programs don’t need much hard work at all, in fact, all you may have to do is play your favourite games and the casino will tally up your wagering and give you a portion back based on their ratio scheme.

Additionally, you may be able to work your way through missions which will reward you with something like casino spins every time you complete the mission. Unfortunately, not every casino offers a loyalty program but you’ll probably be surprised how many actually do and you’ve not even realised.

We mentioned earlier how lucrative a VIP Program can be as they are usually suited to players who make substantial deposits so always make sure you’re picking the right type of loyalty program for you, before you start depositing.

What Are the Main Benefits of Casino Loyalty Programs?

The main benefits will vary from casino to casino and will most certainly depend on how much you deposit and play. However, here are some of the main benefits you can start to look forward to:

  • Free cash
  • Deposit bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Cashback
  • Faster withdrawals
  • No deposit/withdrawal fees
  • A dedicated account manager
  • No withdrawal limits
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Birthday bonuses
  • Merchandise
  • Avatars
  • Virtual items
  • Holidays (VIP’s)

They are just some of the benefits you will earn if you become part of a loyalty program. Most loyalty programs are completely free as well so you may as well join them. If you’re not a player who deposits that regularly you may find the benefits are more sparse or it may take you longer to earn them but it’s still better than nothing, right?

If on the other hand you are a very active player you will most certainly benefit from a loyalty program. If you’re depositing on a regular basis, regardless of how much it is you may as well take advantage of being able to get something back, they may even be more beneficial than you think!

How to Choose the Best Casino Loyalty Program?

The best casino loyalty program for you will entirely depend on your activity. If you are a very active player, depositing large amounts on a regular basis you may benefit from a VIP program.

This kind of program will allow you to climb through the tiers and eventually when you reach the maximum tier you will enjoy the highest level of perks, which can be very attractive indeed.

If you’re someone who isn’t as active then you can look at the other types of loyalty programs we’ve mentioned today. Being able to claim cashback when you wager, claim casino spins or special bonuses may be more to your liking.

Joining a loyalty program that only allows you to claim a reward when you reach (for example) 10,000 loyalty points probably isn’t for you because chances are you’re never going to get there so make sure the one you choose suits your budgets.


By now you should have all the information you need to help you decide which kind of loyalty program is right for you. If you’re already an active player, you may as well start reaping the rewards for doing so.

Most of these loyalty programs will reward you for doing nothing more than you’re already doing; depositing and wagering, you may as well earn a few extra bucks for it.