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Craps Terminology: From A to Z

Craps Terminology: From A to Z

If you fancy a game of Craps, you'll need to learn the Craps terms first! Lucky for you, we have rounded them all up and created an A to Z glossary of all Craps terms that you're likely to encounter.

Craps is not an easy game to master, but even the most famous Craps players had to start somewhere. That somewhere is learning the terms, and there are lots of them.

Some terms are more widely used than others, and when you check out the glossary below, you'll notice that some terms are more aimed at land-based establishments. The history of Craps originated years ago; it became popular and made its way to online casinos, hence why there is now more slang and terminology to learn.

But don't worry; you can quickly grasp the most important and widely used terms and check back to our glossary when you come across a term you are unfamiliar with.

A to Z

One of the reasons craps is challenging to grasp is the Craps terminology and craps slang terms.

So, let's look at the Craps lingo and terminology so you go into the game fully equipped!

  • 2-Way - A player betting one roll wager for themself and the dealers.
  • 3-Way Craps - If a player bets in units of 3, it is called a 3-Way Craps. It will be with one unit on 2, one on 3 and another on 12.


  • Aces - You may also hear this phrase known as Snake Eyes. It's when a player bets that the next roll will be a total sum of 2.
  • Any Craps - When a player bets that the next roll will be a 2, 3 or 12, often used in Street Craps Rules.
  • Ace Deuce - A roll of 3.
  • Any Seven - Betting that the next roll will be a 7.


  • Big Red - Number seven.
  • Black - Slang term for $100-worth casino chips as the chips of this value are usually black.
  • Bones - Another name for dice.
  • Boxcars - Number twelve; also known as Midnight, Cornrows or Twelve Craps.
  • Boxman - A Boxman is a person who supervises the table and sits between the dealers.
  • Box Numbers - Referring to the place bet numbers 4-5-6-8-9-10.
  • Boys or The Boys - A slang term for dealers.


  • Cold Dice - If no one is making their point at a table, Cold Dice is an expression that may be used.
  • Colour In - If you're leaving a Craps table and trade in small valued chips for larger ones, it is called Colour In.
  • Come bet - Once a point has been established, a Come Bet comes right after it.
  • Come out roll - The first time player rolls the dice to establish a Point is called the Come out roll.
  • Comp - Often used in land-based establishments and refers to freebies being handed out.
  • Crap Numbers - Numbers 2, 3 and 12.

craps terminology

  • Craps Check - If you are betting on any Craps during the come-out roll to hedge your pass line bet, this is called Craps Check.


  • Don't Come bet - After a point has been established, this is a don't pass bet made.
  • Don't Pass Bet - Betting that the shooter will not make his point.
  • Double odds - If a bet is twice the size of the original pass or come bet, it is double odds.
  • Down - Reducing or removing a bet.


  • Eye in the Sky - Casino term for CCTV.
  • Even Money - A bet that pays 1:1


  • Fever Five - A roll of 5; also known as Five Fever.
  • Front Line - Another term for Pass Line Bet.


  • Garden - Field bet.
  • George - If a player is known to tip generously, others may refer to him as George.
  • Green - Another dealer slang for chips. This time if you have $25 in gaming chips, it is referred to as Green as the chips are usually green.


  • Hard Way - If you bet on 4, 6, 8, or 10, that wins only if the dice roll as pairs; 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5.
  • Hi-Lo - Placing a one roll bet on 2 and 12.
  • Hi-Lo-Yo - Placing a one roll bet on 2, 11 and 12.
  • Hop bet - Betting that the next roll will be a combination of the dice.
  • Horn bet - Betting that the next roll will be 2, 3, 11, or 12, in multiples of 4 with one unit on each number. Often used on a Crapless Craps table.
  • Horn High bet - This is slightly different to the above as it is in multiples of 5, and you would place one unit on 3 of the horn bet numbers and two numbers on number 12 (high numbers).
  • Hot Dice or Hot Table - Having a winning streak.


  • Inside Numbers - When you place bets in inside numbers, they are 5-6-8-9.


  • Lay bet - When you bet that a 7 will be rolled before the number you are placing comes up.
  • Lay-Out - The printed area on the Craps table where you place your wagers.
  • Lay Odds - When a point has been established, Lay Odds is when additional bets can be made. These bets will win if the original don't pass bet wins, often one of the best Craps tips.
  • Little Joe - You'll often hear this slang word used for a pair of twos or a Hard 4.
  • Low - A single roll bet for a 2.


  • Marker - A Marker is a plastic disc labelled on and off and is used to mark a point.
  • Mark the Point - Once the point is established, the dealer will place a puck to inform other players of the point number.
  • Midnight - See Boxcars.

craps slang


  • Natural - When a 7 or 11 is thrown on the come-out roll after a winning bet.
  • Nine - Rolling or betting on a 9.


  • One Roll Bet (Single Roll Bet) - A wager placed on a single dice roll.
  • Odds Bet - If you make an additional wager to the pass line bet, you are making an Odds Bet.
  • Off - Indicate you will not bey on the next roll of the dice.
  • Off and On - This phrase is often used when the dealer pays off come bets when a new come bet is the same as the one already established.
  • On - Actively betting.
  • Outside Numbers - Numbers 4-10-5-9.


  • Parlay - Letting your winnings ride on the next bet.
  • Pass Line Bet - A wager made on the come out roll where you bet the shooter will make the point.
  • Place bet - Betting a certain number will be rolled before the seven is rolled.
  • Point - Another well-used Craps term describing the number established by a come out roll.
  • Proposition Bet - Wagering on a bet in the centre of the layout.
  • Push - Lingo for a tie between multiple players.


  • Right Better - Betting on the pass line.
  • Rack - You keep your chips in a Rack. This is the grooved rail. A term more commonly used in land-based casinos.


  • Seven Out - Often used when a Shooter rolls a seven before a point is made, resulting in losing the pass line bet.
  • Shooter - If you or another player is rolling the dice, you are referred to as the Shooter, and this can result in multiple craps dice combinations.
  • Snake Eyes - Another slang word for the number 2. See Aces.
  • Stickman - When the dealer pushes the dice to the shooter with a stick and calls the rolls.


  • Toke - Another word for a tip.


  • World Bet - Betting on a horn number and a seven.
  • Wrong Bettor - Betting against the shooter.


  • Yo or Yo-leven - To prevent seven and eleven from sounding the same, Yo or Yo-leven is used for rolling eleven.

Knowing Craps Terms Will Help You Play Better

Craps is not an easy game to play; it takes time to practise and learn how to play properly using different strategies. However, if you can learn the Craps lingo and terminology, you're halfway there.

That's not saying you must learn these terms by heart before actually learning how to play. The great thing about our glossary is that it's always here, so you can refer back to it when needed. You may also be able to read Craps books to further your knowledge.

Certain Craps terms you will need to know, like Point and Pass Line Bet; without knowing these essential terms, it'll be hard to play. You can pick up some of the lesser-used terms as you go along.

But, if you can go into a game of Craps with the knowledge of the most popular terms, it will certainly help you play the game better.