5 Free Apps to Help You Manage Your Gaming Budget

5 Free Apps to Help You Manage Your Gaming Budget

The way we see it, responsible gambling is all about setting limits. How much to play, how often to play, and when to quit. And the first step to making these decisions? Setting a budget. It might sound like a pain, but you really have no excuse when these 5 apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android make it so easy.

1) You Need A Budget

Your finances probably aren’t simple. Bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, and all sorts of expenses can make it hard to keep track. That’s where You Need A Budget comes in. Easily input transactions in real-time, set up budgets for any expense, and monitor your money over time. And with the You Need A Budget Method online class, you can expect to save $200 in your first month!

You Need A Budget is free for your mobile device. You can sync it to your PC or Mac as well for a one-time $60 license fee.

2) Level Money

“A financial GPS.” That’s what Level Money is all about. This free app puts a focus on tracking your habits in real-time rather than traditional budgeting. Check your mobile at any time to see how much cash you have left to spend with the limits you’ve set. Change your habits by categorizing your transactions. And watch the cash grow in your bank account!

Level Money is totally free on the App Store or Google Play.

3) Wally

People love Wally: it’s the #1 finance app in 22 countries, and Forbes Magazine rated the company as one of the “Top 10 Start-Ups”. So what makes it great? Well, a lot.

Wally provides users with a “360-degree view of their money”. Link it to your accounts and see what you’re spending (and saving) in real-time. Set budgets for any category you want and see how being proactive about your money can save you cash.

Wally was originally released for the iPhone; however, Android users are welcome to download Wally+ for the same suite of features. Both versions are totally free.

4) Mint.com Personal Finance

The people at Intuit have put a lot of work into Mint. What was once a fairly simple online budgeting tool has become one of the most popular ways for people around the world to track money at home and on the go.

Mint is compatible with hundreds of different banks and other financial institutions, so you can connect your accounts in no time. Set budgets for the month and get alerts when you’re coming close to reaching them. See how your spending is changing over time and make adjustments as needed.

Mint is available online and through apps for iOS and Android. Plus, the service is totally free.

5) Mvelopes

If it seems like your money is gone before you can even enjoy it, Mvelopes can be a real life-saver. The service has helped people erase $1 billion in debt since its inception. Track your spending for anything from gambling to coffee and never lose track of another penny. You can connect up to 4 bank accounts and use 25 “spending envelopes” to monitor your expenses.

The Mvelopes app is available on both iPhone and Android for free. If you’d prefer more features, you can get the Premier version for $95 a year.

Get smart with your bankroll today

There you have it: our 5 favorite apps to help you start making wise decisions about your gaming budget. Let us know if these have helped you, or feel free to share other budgeting tips over on our forum discussion!