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An iLUCKI Casino player hits their online slots and wins €25,000

An iLUCKI Casino Punter Secures the Perfect Start to 2020 with This €25K Hit

Most of us probably spent the New Year with our favourite beverage, but for one lucky player at iLUCKI Casino - the New Year was one to remember. They certainly had calls for celebration as the punter managed to bag themselves €25,000 giving themselves the perfect start to 2020. Winning at the online casino is all down to pure luck, it just so happened to come at the right time for this Polish player.

A New Years Eve to Remember

Can you remember how celebrated the start of 2020? Maybe a few too many drinks has made you forget, but this one lucky from Poland certainly will not be forgetting how they sent theirs.. The player who is an active member at iLUCKI Casino managed to score an incredible 102,237 PLZ which is equivalent to €25,000!

The win came right before New Years Eve securing a perfect start to the year for the player. Thanks to sheer luck and determination the player managed to bank themselves a few x1000 multipliers which eventually led to the big win, making some of their dreams come true. 

An iLUCKI Casino punter secured the perfect start to 2020 thanks to their big win totalling a massive €25,000.

Big wins like this can happen to anyone at any time. You just have to believe that it will happen! Not even iLUCKI Casino knows when someone is about to strike it rich but we guess you’ll never know if you don’t try, right? To give it a go all you have to do is head over to iLUCKI Casino and give it a shot. 

The Highest Wins

While we’re on the subject of big wins, the casino is certainly no stranger to them! In fact, several of their online slots like to dish out the cash. Here are a few of their highest wins to date:

Which slot you’ll be victorious on is down to fate, will it be one of the chosen ones or will you pick your own? Either way, luck seems to find its way to this casino and all it takes is just one click to get you there! Good luck. 

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