A 50-year old Swedish player wins 7.3 million Euro Jackpot!

A 50-year old Swedish player wins 7.3 million Euro Jackpot!

CONGRATULATIONS from all of us here at AskGamblers to this lucky 50-year old Swedish man who just won an astounding and jaw-dropping 7.3 million Euro Jackpot playing the game ‘Hall of Gods’ at Betsson.com! A truly God’s offering, the second largest ever online jackpot prize to be won in Sweden. What a lucky man indeed, and as it turned out to be, he was a truly deserving winner of the jackpot prize. Come join us and read his story.

Feeling lucky that day

Hall of Gods

The Hall of Gods jackpot prize was climbing steadily up all the way to an extraordinary €7.3 million. One player was playing his favourite games at Betsson.com that day and he was winning €100 here and €100 there. Feeling that this might be his lucky day, he continued on playing into the late evening. He then played the Hall of Gods game and just couldn’t believe his eyes when the jackpot symbols suddenly lined up on a winning line, awarding him an unbelievably huge jackpot payout of €7.3 million! His instincts had served him extremely well on that glorious day. Not only was Lady Luck on his side, the Gods were too!

Deserving Council worker

The lucky winner is a 50-year old Council worker from the Varmland Province in Sweden, a single parent with several children, living in a small rented apartment. He works with disabled children at the Council, loves his job, and wishes to remain anonymous as he doesn’t want to get too much attention from the media. When asked if he intends to get an early retirement, he reiterated that he does not want to quit his job, even if he had won a billion Euros. Yes, he is a truly dedicated council worker, one that everyone should be proud of, and a very wise man at that too, considering his age, his children and the love for his job.

The win came at a most appropriate time

The jackpot win couldn’t have come at a more appropriate timing. By the time the rent and the bills have been paid, there wasn’t much money left in his hands. He couldn’t even afford to buy a car. This win was an early 50th birthday present for him and a blessing for his children. He now intends to buy a car and house - his dream of owning his own home ever since he moved to Sweden many years ago.

What he wants to do with his prize money

“The very first thing I’m going to do is to buy a washing machine for my ex – the children’s mother. It just broke down and it causes problems in daily life. I’m buying her a flat screen TV as well, and tablets for the kids. I will help my relatives too – you have to be generous. But first and foremost, the money will be going to the kids.”

What can anyone say to such a man but sing praises for him! Not only does he loves his job and kids, he still has a considerable amount of affection and compassion for his ex-wife too, wishing to share a small portion of his new-found happiness and wealth with her still. A classic example of a truly deserving man of a God-given jackpot prize money!

From us here at AskGamblers, we congratulate him on his dream win, and we wish him all the best and happiness in the coming years of his life - a dream come true for a very deserving man!

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