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AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Annual Report for 2016

AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Annual Report for 2016

Wow, what a ride! Around this time every year, we take a careful look at the previous 365 days, analyze and sum up all the important data regarding the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service and share with you vital numbers, our overall accomplishments and achievements. Each previous year reached crucial milestones and, as 2016 was even more record-breaking than ever, we hope you’ll take a few minutes to go through the casino complaint numbers with us and read all about our latest stats.

AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service’s 2016 in Important Numbers

In 2016, the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service team received over 5,260 new cases submitted by more than 3,800 players against 613 different online casinos

As it happens every year, a number of players failed to adhere to the Casino Complaint Guidelines, which resulted in their complaints being rejected. However, we did accept and process more than 2,300 cases and managed to resolve over 70% of the total number of complaints. As for last year’s average resolution time - it was just under 8 business days of all processed complaints.

We know which question matters the most: how much money was given back on the whole? Over $2,7 million of unpaid, delayed or unfairly confiscated money which we returned to 1,120 players, which is impressive all on its own.

A Record-breaking Year

To start off, the total number of all received and reviewed complaints reached 5,268 in 2016, which was an increase of almost 75% compared to 2015 and its 3,016 new complaints.

Another record broken was regarding the total number of AGCCS users which reached 3,811 compared to 2,245 complainants in 2015 - a 70% increase!

Additionally, the number of accepted complaints equalled 2,350, which is a 45% increase compared to 2015 when we processed 1,616 complaints.

Finally, the last and, quite understandably, the most exciting record was in regards to the returned money, i.e. the aforementioned $2,710,213.27, an almost 55% increase compared to last year’s stats when we helped players get back $1,755,304 of unfairly delayed, declined or confiscated money.

Payment Issues at the Forefront

Of all the complaints received in 2015, by far the most common reason for submitting them was payment issues - a grand total of 3,479 complaints, 1,812 of which were accepted. For the sake of comparison, the next in line are bonus issues with 487 complaints submitted and 161 accepted.

Stricter Complaint Review Procedures

Additionally, since the AskGamblers Complaints Team created new and stricter procedures regarding the process of reviewing complaints with the aim to avoid any unnecessary damage over the affected casino business, the number of rejected complaints increased from 1,405 in 2015 to 3,015 in 2016, 1,667 of which were, once again, regarding payment issues. 

The reasons for complaints being rejected ranged from lack of evidence, an insufficient amount of information provided and acknowledged violation of casino or bonus rules, which were the most common reasons overall, to the least common, such as the complaint being submitted against the wrong online casino.

Resolved Complaints

Time for some more record-breaking statistics. Namely, the AskGamblers Complaints Team managed to resolve 7 out of any 10 accepted and processed complaints, which is nearly twice as better as other similar complaint services.

Top 3 Resolved Complaints with the Largest Disputed Amount

Out of all the complaints received and resolved, these 3 made it to the top in terms of the disputed amount:

  • LeoVegas Casino - Delayed Withdrawal of £104,000 - The issue was successfully resolved within eight days as, apparently, it took five business days for the money to be processed and received.
  • LeoVegas Casino - Seriously Delayed Payment of $64,000 - Once the player had provided the casino with a copy of their bank statement proving the funds hadn’t yet arrived, the issue was promptly sorted out. The complaint was resolved within four days.
  • ComeOn Casino - Withdrawal Issues for a Large Win £34,000 - From the moment the complaint was submitted to the moment it was closed it took two days. The reason the funds had been delayed was the ongoing holiday period and additional security checks.

Complaint Resolution Time

As you can see, even the complaints revolving around such high amounts of disputed money didn’t take long to be resolved. On the whole, the average complaint duration throughout 2016 was less than 10 days, or, to be more precise, a whole of 9 days and 12 hours. Or, if we take weekends into account, 8 business days, which is, if we may say so ourselves, outstanding.

The shortest duration of a complaint, however, was no longer than 1 hour, 12 minutes and 27 seconds for Casillion Casino - No payment, no answer.

Online Casinos Affected in 2016

During 2016 we received complaints against 613 different online casinos, which is equal to circa 65% of all the casinos reviewed by AskGamblers. The team ultimately accepted and processed complaints against 440 of these casino brands. 

As for the Certified Casinos, an exclusive group of online casinos that hold our prestigious Certificate of Trust, there was a total number of 443 received complaints against 44 accredited operators.

Complaints against Affiliate Programs

An important 2016 novelty was the introduction of a complaint service for the affiliate programs found on our website. It hasn’t gained in popularity yet, but it is slowly getting there.

To bring the numbers into the equation, from July 2016, when the service was launched to the end of the year there was a total of 12 complaints received, 9 of which were rejected and one resolved.

Towards the 2017 Stats

As you can see, 2016 was a busy year full of breakthroughs and new records! We’re already marching towards new milestones, so when we see you here this time next year, we hope to come back with plenty more impressive numbers. Have a good year, folks and don’t forget: the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service has got your back!