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Warning: Players may experience slower payouts, but will be paid.

Slot Madness Casino


Slot Madness is, as the name states, focused on Slot games. There are a wide variety of popular, high-quality and innovative games available for players to take advantage of. There are fantastic promotions, and the website offers a lot of safety and security.

Customer Support

Slot Madness Casino support can be contacted by live chat which is available 24/7. The benefit of live chat offered at Slot Madness is that it is available right from the website. This means that players simply browsing deciding whether to join who want clarification about different things outlined can receive that information right away, without having to create an account or wait for a response to email.


The mark of any good online casino is the promotions that are offered. Slot Madness has traditional welcome bonuses available to players over their first two deposits at the casino, and while the values are subject to change, they are always generous offers. The Welcome Bonuses cater to the Slot players since this is what's included in the wagering requirements. There are other bonuses offered, including those for players who would rather try Blackjack or Video Poker and weekly and weekend bonuses give players even more options.


Slot Madness uses one of the most reputable gaming software packages, Real Time Gaming which powers many of the top Online Casinos. It offers a great experience with realistic graphics, smooth gameplay and amazing sound effects. At Slot Madness, the games are available by download only.


The name of the casino doesn't lie, Slot Madness is of course primarily focused upon Slot Games with some of the best that Real Time Gaming Software offers to players. There are over 125 games and a large percentage of them are slots at this casino. They include classic reel slots, video slots and of course progressives that have constantly rising jackpots that are very enticing to players.
Though slot games are obviously the focus at Slot Madness, those aren't the only games that are available to players at this casino. Table Games, Video Poker, and Specialty Games are all featured, and there are even bonuses and promotions that reflect these additional games to prove this is on offer as well!


  • Real Time Gaming Software
  • Complete Customer Service options 24/7
  • Flexible and generous bonuses


  • Focus is on slots (positive for some, negative for others)


Slot Madness Casino Reviews by Players


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madspnner 1 review
United States
I have enjoyed playing at slot madness. I love the games. I have won more money from Slot Madness than any other casino on line. The VIP program is nice and the bonuses are really nice. Always read the terms and conditions because some payout different than others. I have always found the customer service to be friendly and I believe they do the best they can on giving you info on withdraws.

The casino has always paid me my winnings. I normally use the no rules, unlimited cash out type bonus and if I want to make a withdraw they will back out the amount of the bonus given. I don't have any problem with that.

Their bonuses are like letting me use their money to have a shot a winning, and if I do win, they just deduct the bonus amount. Pretty sweet. I really love the games that Slot Madness has.
There are 2 things that I don't like about Slot Madness, 1 being very slow payout. I've found the the casino itself is the slow portion of the payout process and that once it gets to the processor it is never more than 10 days. The staff isn't really able to update me on the status of a withdraw and they don't really stick to their terms on payout, but you will get paid.

The other thing is I like to play tournaments sometimes and the tournaments are very small. You can't win much because not many people participating.
sert1one 4 reviews
United States
The games are fun and the bonuses are pretty good. Remember you have to bet big to win big.
The payout is very slow. I have waited over a month now and still not received my first payout from them and have not received a confirmation on when it will be sent. I feel that I am getting the run around and worry that I will not get my payout. I will update this once I receive my payout or not.
Tozlynn 10 reviews
Slot was enjoyable to play. was going to deposit again but see how the withdrawal goes.
Denied my withdrawal request. asked me to open a netteller acc. sent them all the document requested.

Chat to the support team and the say all is good and someone will contact me in 24hrs but no one did and no email. and when I logged into my acc. Again I got a message request for withdrawal denied. Chat to support team again and hey promised me some will contact me again in 24hrs. request for withdrawal again this time and sent all the document. Let's see what happen
Thomas Y. 5 reviews
United States
The interface and slots are pretty good. Also their blackjack seems to be pretty fair. I will recap my experience with Slot Madness:

Used a no deposit bonus and hit a jackpot on the Mammoth slot. I was able to withdraw 100$ (The max cashout for the no deposit code was 100$). The withdrawal took ~1 month. Also won at Blackjack while playing.

Deposited 50$ with a 300% welcome bonus. Played Blackjack the whole way through. Cleared the playthrough and ended 472$. Received my check after 3 weeks for 452$ (20$ check fee).

The Blackjack seems really fair compared to other casino's that I have played on. I may have gotten lucky, but it still seems pretty close to 50/50 because I was able to win consistently and also hit blackjack about even with the dealer.

All in all, I was pleased with playing at this casino both times. I wish the cashouts were faster but I received my money.
The cash outs are pretty slow on this casino. Also, I checked to see when I cleared my bonus via My Account and it showed as cleared but the Casino informed me I still had more to go. I did not like this as it just gave me more of a chance to lose the money that I had won. I ended up clearing the rest of the play through with more profit.
I play at slotmadness under (NDN440) I requested two separate payouts on 3-14-14 one for 2500.00 and a second one for 2500.00--(5000.00) total and I have been waiting on the approval which says will take 7-10 business days which it has been 10 business days and still aint herd nothing, I really like slot madness and I hope they pay me, I will keep you informed..
This casino is fun to play and we have been paid in the six to eight weeks as explained. My wife use a np150 bonus be sure and read all of the print on this bonus as we found out the hard way that the it will only pay ten times the deposit and this is not stated on the online ad .My wife won $3000.00 to find out six weeks later that they will only pay ten times the deposit and now the pay out is five hundred.

The unfair part is the money above the winnings was not reinvest for her to continue play.It would seem if they were only going to pay ten times then the money above the ten times be put back in the account for future play .the money was won fair and square on our part.I know will have to wait another six weeks for payment
I absolutely love this casino!!! The bonuses and the vip treatment are by far the best on the net. I have had a number of payouts already processed from this casino. If there are several payouts to be processed, they do start out slow, once they begin they are usually rec'd on a weekly basis. Any time I have had an issue with my payouts from them I come here to ask gamblers and they are solved very quickly.
Slot Madness, seems to be a very different kind of casino these days when they became a Nuworks powered console. I remember downloading the casino last year (2011) when it was still JUST the Real Time Gaming software and waitits coming back to me maybe even since January 2012, this year. I remember having to re-download the software as the old console was no longer valid.They really marketed the changeover in a big way that is why I decided to try the new platform, as I remember correctly.

Now that’s it’s moved over to a combination of RTG & NuWorks. I still cannot honestly say I will 'attempt' making any deposits here. They’ve have launched quite a few new games like JUDO FERRET & CATMANDU, amongst others which are nice to play, but it seems, only to pass the time. It just seems that every single free chip I have ever played in Slot Madness “The new Nuworks/RTG combination version” is seriously, always short lived. You have to ask yourself? Is this just an amusement casino 'arcade' that is built for my exclusive amusement only! It just really seems that way, whenever I play there, I have not read any good reviews with regards to this casino, in fact not many positive reviews at all.

So, every now and then, when I come across a No Deposit Bonus / free chip. I give Slot Madness a whirl…I really always enjoy the RTG SLOTS with the feature guarantee.
So ----when I play Slot Madness! I like to play Carnival Cash slots, which also has a feature guarantee. Carnival Cash does give a little here and there but it makes you sweat for it. I have noticed that you normally get a nice spin 1 or two spins just before your credits are flat. This is exactly why I won’t make a deposit here. So ---- when I find a free chip to play. It proves to me, each and every single time, that it was the better decision in the end.
Slot Madness :
Current Classification: Rogue

If anyone can tell you something or someone can go from rock bottom, awful, to something people like and enjoy and have respect for its me.A few years back I hurt my back in the gym and was prescribed Vicodin.This led to on an on off 6+ year drug addiction from painkillers to heroin.In the last 27 I have 26 months clean (I had $20,000 of my businesses merchandise stolen and my business went under and I had poured 1000s of hours and dollars into it and I relapsed for a month but I have 7+ months clean, this week alone got 5 stockbroker job offers and doing good and being productive with my life.When I was doing drugs I would con, steal, hustle, and do whatever I had to do to get a fix.I had no respect from anyone, I looked like a mess, felt like a mess and had not self respect or took pride in the way I look.I have made a complete 180 these past years, if you knew me before and after you wouldn't recognize me.The reason I tell you this is I think everyone, everything deserves a second chance or in my case a 4th lol.Slot Madness has now switched from plain Jane RTG software to Nuworks style platform like buzz luck.

The customer service is very friendly, and don't act like high pressure salesmen like some support do.My favorite part is they take nuworks software and still have constant bonuses like RTG casinos have.I have read people are getting paid now, (I cleared a free chip but proceeded to blow it before withdrawing like I usually do lol).Another perk is they have multiple deposit options.As a player from the US I am usually restricted to Visa, if I'm lucky Mastercard. They offer Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Use My Wallet, Click to Pay, and depositing through support.This is convenient for a US player, because I don't have to risk my Visa Debit being locked from using it at a casino, and my Mastercard has higher interest the my Amex, so that's an option I like.The one downside, and this just may be me not finding it, but I cant seem to find a tab or place to click to cash in my comp points.Going back to the beginning of what I was saying, everyone deserves and has the ability to get another chance.In my opinion I suggest you re-think classifying Slot Madness as a Rogue Casino.

The new software (which I like a lot, great bonus rounds and free spins), and the video slots pay well, I was down to 6$ and played deuces wild and 4 deuces early, playing 5 quarters winning $250, and a few hand later a wild royal flush ending up over $300.I don't know what classifies a casino as rogue, but with this software change I assume there is a change in management and I suggest you take another look and see what rank or classification you give it now.If I had to rate this casino before the change I would give it a 4.5/10 now an 8.5/10.

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