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Ladbrokes Casino - Would not process my winnings nor say why!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Ladbrokes Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount £ 1502
Filiz321 United Kingdom Message
Posted on October 10, 2017

I opened a new account and deposit £240 total and won £1502. I have tried to get this withdrawn and all it says is pending... i called up they said i am verified and everything is in order so they asked me to send in oicture of my card back and front allong with id. I did send them this and have heard nothing back they take about 30 mins to answer phone and when they do they say they could not do anything they keep emailing the relevent department to release the funds but they are not reaponding. My only advice to people is do not join this company especially if you are a new account and u win a big amount they will try everythingg not to pay you as it is obvious what is going on with my case atm. I have an option to cancel the withdrawal loool and carry on playing basically. I am going to wait a couple more days then basically file a complaint and then if no resolution take it to regulators.. i will even take it to court, i would spend more rather then have these crooked people get away with it.

Ladbrokes Casino Complaints

  • 18 of 37 resolved
  • 3 days avg response
  • 1 week avg complaint life
  • 2,564 USD avg amount

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