Planet 7 Casino - Would not pay withdrawal

JokerJack United States
posted on October 1, 2015.

I requested a payout and was denied. Chat with customer service identified that I reach $300 in my account, I would be eligible to withdraw that amount. I got to $325+. At that time I decided to withdraw this amount. After a week of no contact by them, I contacted customer service. This agent verified that I would in fact be eligible to withdraw $325. I have screen shots of both conversations. I finally received a email yesterday advising they were sending me $108 as there was bonus deductions. I have exceeded the amount of play to offset the indicated bonus. I have read their policy, and the error on their part is they should not have deducted the bonuses. At what point do they determine what money is mine and what they believe is theirs. I know that I have been violated in this situation. This incident has been on going for a month and emails to management have gone unanswered.

posted on October 6, 2015.

Hi JokerJack,

I’ve just been reading through all of the notes as well as the chat logs on this. I see things have been explained to you clearly, so I’m puzzled as to why there is still an issue.

This is the bonus you used, along with the Terms and Conditions on it:

Good for play in all Slots & Keno Games Only
No Wagering Requirements
No Limits on Withdrawals
Deposit $50 or More
(Redeem One Time Only)

As your deposit was in the amount of $75, you received a bonus in the amount of $217.50. In order to make ANY sort of withdrawal, you would have had to have had a MINIMUM of $317.50 in your account to A) cover the return of the $217.50 non-cashable bonus AND B) a MINIMUM of $100, which is the minimum withdrawal you can make on our site.

Initially, you attempted to make a withdrawal of $150, which would be denied (as explained in the previous paragraph). Mallory (the first Customer Service agent you chatted with online) explained this clearly and cancelled your withdrawal so you could continue playing. Additionally in your conversation with Mallory, a discussion pertaining to verification documents came up at which time she explained that we require a physical mailing address—P.O. boxes are strictly not accepted.

Twenty-four minutes later, you contacted live chat again, this time chatting with Seth. You asked if you faxed a bill with your physical address, would you be able to withdraw $325. Seth stated that this would be fine, so long as documentation of a physical address was received and that with a $325 withdrawal, you’d be receiving $108, once that $217.50 non-cashable bonus was removed.

As I’m writing this to you, I’m re-reading the chat logs and nowhere in that chat with Seth do you disagree or dispute anything. Nowhere in these chats can I find any sort of error on our behalf and I will forward the chat logs to AskGamblers for further verification.


posted on October 7, 2015.

We were provided with chat transcripts for both chat sessions mentioned by the player where it is clearly visible that player has never been given a misleading information from casino's support regarding bonus terms. It is clearly stated that bonus amount is non-cashable. We consider this complaint resolved and officially closed.