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WinTrillions Casino - Won't pay me $7,000

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Win Trillions Casino
Reason Declined payment
Posted on July 5, 2014

First of all, I fulfilled all terms and conditions in full and have only played slots and never played pokers, baccarat, roulette, or any sorts of table games.

I joined this online casino as I could see this casino was relatively high rated in Askgamblers and I thought there wouldn't be any problems enjoying it.

I will explain in detail in accordance with timeline.

24th April - signed up, deposited $100 and play with $200 (i.e. $100 bonus)

25th April - I won approximately $12,000 and finished wagering required in full.

25th April - requested withdrawal of $10,000 (maximum withdrawal limit per month).

26th April - received an email stating that I was required to provide national ID, Passport, or Driver's license, coupled with a recent bank statement clearly showing my name and the address.

26th April - received another email stating that my account has been temporarily blocked due to security reasons and best practice of routine payment verification checks.

26th April - I emailed them with attachments including driver's license, a copy of credit card (front and back), and a recent bank statement.

26th April - received an email regarding another ID which I needed to provide. No reason was given but needed another ID which was different from the one I already provided (Driver's license).

26th April - I emailed them straight away with another ID which was valid passport.

27th April - received an email that they were carrying various investigation to resolve my account restrictions and in order to process, I needed to provide notarized copy of ID (front and back), notarized copy of utility bill, and notarized copy of bank statement.

28th April - received another email stating as following:

"we have recently received a communication from our software provider informing that they are investigating an incident taking place on 24th April, which affected a number of players. We have been advised to temporarily block all accounts under investigation, and unfortunately your account among the ones reported."

30th April - received an email saying that My pending withdrawal were all reversed due to pending verification of my account.

30th April - received another email stating that my account restrictions were released and available for use but there were still restrictions on withdrawal due to pending withdrawal.

2nd May - I sent all necessary documents required by Wintrillions Casino via DHL courier at my own expense of $89.90.

2nd May - in the mean time, I sent them an email to inform them I have sent a package including all necessary documents with a tracking number to chase them conveniently.

5th May - received an email stating that they would update me as soon as they receive the article I sent through DHL.

5th May to 25th May - I sent 3 email every week asking about the status of my notarized copies of documents and received responses basically saying they would update me.

Also in the mean time, I have played casinos with my previous winning as the pending withdrawal was revered and came back to my account on 30th April mentioned above. My balance was become $7,000 and I decided to stop playing it.

25th May - received an email saying that they received my parcel and they were under review process by relevant department.

2nd June - received an email requiring a certified document covering my front and back copies of Credit Card that has been used at deposit.

2nd June - I was a bit frustrated as it was not mentioned on initial email requiring notarized documents to be provided. I sent them an email to clarify whether I could provide them via email instead of sending via DHL an original notarized copies of my document.

3rd June - As no reply received from their end, I decided to send my documents through DHL again at my own expense.

4th June - I sent them an email saying that I sent another package with just a piece of paper clearly show my credit card certified copies.

6th June - received an email named "withdraw processed" stating that my pending withdraw of $100 was processed. At the same time, my account has been blocked and unable to get access.

6th June - I sent them an email to ask about what actually happened to my account as I had no idea why $100 was processed even though I did not request any withdrawals at all due to pending verifications.

7th June - received a reply from them as following:

"Further to completing our security scrutiny on your account, it has come to our attention that this account is in direct relation with other casino accounts in our gaming platform which have been blocked for issues relating to bonus abuse, or otherwise committed identity or financial fraud. Therefore, this account is now terminated and shall remain blocked.

Wintrillions Casino is a regulated company and has a very strong policy regarding payment fraud, identity theft, and bonus abuse. Therefore we have a number of procedures in place to tackle such activities, at heart with the best interest of both, our site and our members. Please note that in the event we continue to observe further attempts to abuse our system we will do everything in hand to pursue the person responsible for this offence and we will report to the relevant legal authorities providing all necessary information as required.

We have issued a payment today in order to return the amounts you deposited back to the originating payment account."

One word I can say for now: Speechless.

The person I mainly contact with is Enzo Gaiero (Guest Service Agent) and I have kept all conversations via email.

I hope Askgamlers would be able to assist with my current problem.

Posted on June 10, 2014

Dear @KHJ,
Any update considering your issue?

Posted on June 18, 2014

This complaint has been reopened upon player's request. @KHJ, please stick to the given time frames for replying.

Posted on June 19, 2014

I haven't done anything wrong for sure. I have only played slots and no other things. I am definitely fulfilled all terms and conditions.

Their only response to my verification is "permanent account restriction". Any specific reasons were given to this action.

Posted on June 21, 2014

Dear Askgamblers,

Would you please contact wintrillion's representative to get attention to my concern?

My attempts are completely ignored.

Posted on July 5, 2014

We have been directly contacted by Win Trillions Casino management in regards of this case and received a thorough and detailed explanation of the actual problem.
According to their records player's account is related to other casino accounts within casino's gaming platform provider which have been marked for having issues with fraud/bonus abuse. In particular, there is an account with the username of “DDOSSYA” which is blocked for payment fraud and bonus abuse related issues.
As stated in casino's Terms of Use and bonus Terms and Conditions which player accepted, Win Trillions reserve the right to take action in the event that they suspect fraud, fraudulent activity, or bonus abuse. Therefore, in view of the above situation involving other accounts in player's name, it has been decided that this account shall remain blocked and all deposits were refunded.
However, it is important to be noticed that Win Trillions Casino refused to supply our complaints team with real evidences, confirming this case, stating that sending such evidences would have been a direct breach of their license terms and conditions and more specifically, disclosure of player's personal data. Although we don't have any reasonable grounds to doubt in casino statements, we would like to remind the complaint's submitter that he could seek for further assistance directly from Alderney Gambling Control Commission (http:­//w­ww.g­am­bli­ngc­ont­rol.or­g/c­ont­act­_us.php).

This case is now closed and considered solved.

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