VIP Room Casino - Withdrawal payout changed from £415 to £120

kkonstanti United Kingdom
posted on January 24, 2015.

So I just withdrew £450 from this casino and they say it's a £35 withdrawel fee, I say ok not bad £415 left, so I accept, I check everything is fine and go to sleep, next day I wake up and it says:
"to your bank account £120"
"fee: 35"
"from the players account £450"

So somehow nearly £300 has just gone into no mans land

kkonstanti United Kingdom
posted on January 24, 2015.

I got an email back from them today saying:

"This is becasue you were playing with a bonus and that bonus has a max cash out of (6 x deposit). Here are the terms that explain this :"

I deposited 20 and they gave me an extra 20, I never went under £20 on my balance and never used the bonus credit that was given to me before withdrawel.

So basically they have said because we gave you a bonus you are not allowed to withdraw any amount x6 even though you played and won with your own balance you deposited, that is what it is looking like right now but I'm waiting to hear from them.

posted on January 25, 2015.

When you accept bonus, then you need to obey bonus Terms and Conditions. In the future if you don't want to use bonus, you need to inform casino about your decision, if not bonus rules apply as a max cash out in your case. This complaint is resolved, and we recommend to the player to get familiar with general T&C of the casino and bonus rules before he/she starts to play.