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Jollyseven Casino - Withdrawal still pending, and no reply from customer service

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Jollyseven Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 100
laurajs1979 United Kingdom Message
Posted on July 24, 2014

I used a free bonus to play at jollyseven and wagered it successfully, and in Jolly seven's terms it said maximum withdrawal from free bonus is 100 euros. so I completed their id verification and had my account confirmed. I first submitted a withdrawal request for 100 euros on 10th april. Days later they approved it, and sent it, but minutes later cancelled it, saying my bic code was wrong. I changed the details and tried to withdraw again, only to have my request cancelled with no explanation. My next 3 withdrawal requests were also cancelled by the casino. My last withdrawal request was made on 16th april and is still pending. I have sent the casino 7 emails which remain unanswered and have been promised twice by live support that my withdrawal will processed by the end of the day, which never happened. On the homepage of jollyseven it states 'withdrawals every day' and 'fast customer service' which, in my personal experience is a very false claim indeed!

laurajs1979 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 5, 2014

Since posting this complaint, jollyseven have paid out my funds into my bank. They also offered me a 40euro bonus but then retracted due to a 'system error', and when I told them it was disapointing to learn the bonus never existed they informed me they were dissapointed that I complained about them on this site!

Posted on May 5, 2014

Dear Laurajs1979,
thank you for your critic and we are always interested in our customer’s needs and wishes. We have checked every point of your complaint and have to correct some facts which we can prove in detail.
Your first posting:Your first withdrawal wish was 200 euros and not 100 euros. It is correct that the maximum cashout is 100 euros generated by free bonuses only in your country. That was the reason you cancelled your first withdrawal yourself. Your withdrawal wish was cancelled additionally three times by our financial department due to the fact that your provided BIC code was incorrect. did receive this information by your bank, the withdrawal was rejected and you received an obligatory email to correct these details. These three cancellations were within one day without providing the correct details by you. You corrected these details and received your money within the common transfer time under these circumstances. Your point that you have never received email by our customer service is not correct, too. You did sent emails and asked simultaneously our Live Chat assistant. You received the obligatory details by our live chat employees which made a remark to your account data that you have received the information you asked for. Withdrawals are made every day that is correct, however, it depends on your favoured withdrawal method, of course, and in your case bank transfer lasts normally within 3 and 5 working days.
Your second posting: Due to a system error your account was credited’s facebook bonus, this was corrected and we understand that you are disappointed about the cancellation of this no deposit bonus. Nevertheless this bonus requires your participation in the facebook promotion which you have not until now.

Kind regards
Your team

laurajs1979 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 5, 2014

I did cancel my first withdrawal request of 200 euros after I realised the maximum amount allowed was 100 euros, but I cancelled it the very next day and instead requested 100euros , which was sent then cancelled. However the next requests which were cancelled by the casino had the correct bank codes, as I rang my bank to check, and one of the cancelled requests was to a Neteller account which doesn't require a bic or swift code! I know bank transfers take 3-5 days but it was the casino which delayed the payment as they didn't even process the last withdrawal request until 12 days after I requested it! Out of 9 emails I sent, I got one reply after they sent my funds. Also I did speak to online support today who was very rude and said 'I must have my lunch now, bye.'

Anyway obviously as they eventually paid out, I guess the complaint is resolved, although I will never play at Jollyseven again!

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