Withdrawal Problem at City Club Casino

mitchellmm01 United Kingdom
posted on February 3, 2013.

I would advise anyone coming near this site to run away as fast as you can. Incredibly dishonest and underhanded system with their bonus' which they automatically give you without easily giving you a way to opt out.

I signed up and deposited £85 and played routlette. I had no idea that because they had credited a bonus to me that i couldn't actually win anything . Apparently as soon as i go on anything other than a non progressive slot? ( i have no idea even what these are, niether is an explanation provided ) then all my winnings are forfeit.

Essentially they are accepting bets on their roulette tables that they have no intention of paying the winnings on but are fully happy to take the wager.

I played my balance down to zero and deposited another £100, i didnt even see the fact they had credited my balance with another £30 . I won £1500 and tried to withdraw , but browsing the net found MANY stories similar to this one where people had been done out of their winnings.

Then i spoke with their customer services who basically confirmed that this had happened to me as i had been playing roulette with a bonus that was added without my knowledge.

The casino accepted deposits from my self of £185 in total. The software accepted my bet when there was never any possibility of any of my potential winnings ever being paid out. However they are more than willing to accept the bets.

How can software allow you to wager any money that is against their terms and conditions?

I believe this is a deliberate ploy as anyone who loses here doesn't come in to contact with this side of the company.

A casino is meant to be built on trust and transparency but these guys seem to basically be thieves.

£1200+ in my casino balance after depositing £185 , only allowing me withdraw £100.