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Gorilla Casino - Withdrawal pending for allmost a month

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Gorilla Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Gambler007 Netherlands Message
Posted on December 23, 2014

I won around €1900,- on august 19th and tried to withdrawal the same day. Since that day I haven't heard anything from Gorilla Casino.

The terms and conditions say, withdrawals are done every thursday.
I've sent the verification documents.
I tried to get contact them by e-mail and by Live Chat. In Live Chat I have to wait hours before I get to speak to someone and when I start talking about withdrawals the session ends.

Posted on December 10, 2014

Hello Gambler007,

I'm Eric from Gorilla,

I think it's just a missunderstanding because we are processing daily withdrawal without any issue but i will check your history with the finance department and come back to you as soon as possible.

Will get back to you soon,

King regards,

Posted on December 10, 2014

Hello Gambler007,

I just got the feedback from the Fraud department and it's again our Terms and condition to have 2 accounts in Gorillacasino, this is why you never got your withdrawal, we are not accepting players that open accounts to win more on both account, it's again our policy, you will find under the text of our term and condition of the multiple accounts opening,

"Only one Customer Account is permitted per Customer and the Customer Account registration must be executed by you personally. We reserve the right to close any duplicate Customer Accounts, and to make void any bets or wagers placed through duplicate Customer Accounts. You may request a new Customer Account by contacting us at ******** and providing the reason for requesting the new account. If a new Customer Account is opened (which is at our absolute discretion), the old Customer Account will be closed."

Because of that history the fraud department of decided to closed both account because you played and won in both account and it's again our terms and condition and our policy.

Best regards,

Gambler007 Netherlands Message
Posted on December 10, 2014

Hello Eric,

I swear I never made more than one account. Gorilla Casino was new for me about a month ago. The account I made that moment is the only one I made and the only one I played from.

You refer to: ******** instead of suppor­[email protected]­ori­lla­cas­ Even if that's the problem, the terms and conditions doesn't say is not allowed to have an account at both sites.

Can you please review this situation, reopen my account and finish the withdrawal?
I would really appreaciate it.

Otherwise can you present me some proof of my other customer account?
I think this all is a misunderstanding

Posted on December 10, 2014

Hello Gambler007,

Yes it's my bad, i did received this text from the software and did not change the email address that they send me, but this is the terms and condition of, anyway nothing change, If the Fraud department did find 2 account with your details i'm afraid there is nothing that i can do, we have a lot of players opening 2 accounts and trying to get some more playing and more winning into both account but it's again Term and condition and his policy.

Sorry they will not be able to re-open your accounts because of your history into our brand,

PS; I did a mystake with the email address when i got the good setence to add from the software, i was refering to suppor­[email protected]­ori­lla­cas­

Gambler007 Netherlands Message
Posted on December 10, 2014

I'm sorry but then your fraud departement made a mistake.
I never made a second acount at Gorilla Casino.
Can you please ask your fraud departement to look at this mistake and review the situation.
Can you also provide me some evidence of the second account?
It could be someone from the same IP-address. That's possible because I told others around me about my winnings. But nobody told me about a registration. If that's the case, I can assure you that person can hand over a copy of his ID to verify it's not me.

Thanks in advance

Posted on December 23, 2014

Upon evidence that we received, this player breach Terms and Conditions of casino. This complaint is resolved.

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