Winnings voided at City Club

posted on December 14, 2013.

I was trying out a few of the different casino bonuses on offer and was looking at the welcome bonus at City Club. When I downloaded the software and logged in - the live chat opens and I am offered a 400% deposit bonus! Great!! I think. So I am fairly new to online gambling, but I knew that there were wagering requirements before cashing out any winnings - so I ask about the wagering and was told it was 20x wagering on the deposit plus the bonus. So I deposit 250 and now have 1250 to play with. After a few days of playing most of the different slot games and trying out a few hands of holdem poker, I was going up and down and then I start to win a bit on the 'marvel' slots. So I enquire about whether i have met my wagering requirements. Yes I am told - my wagering is fine. Fantastic I thought - My balance was on 5,500 (just in time for Christmas). So I request a withdrawal and send through the documents required. About a week later i get a deposit of 250 from City Club and a phone call to say that because I played a few hands of holdem poker (which i did not win anything on) All my winnings had been voided. As the table games are excluded from the bonus. (If you are not allowed to play them - surely they can block them or give you some sort of warning - rather than taking all your money away???) They had - as a sign of GOOD FAITH refunded my deposit of 250. I think that City Club needs to have some sort of warning about the games you cannot play and they need to make it clear that the games CANNOT be played (not just that it won't count towards wagering) I still cannot believe that City Club voided 5,500 winnings because of maybe 50 played on a stupid game of poker!!!!!!