BetsKING Casino - Winnings voided unfairly

Tania Righi Italy
posted on May 13, 2015.

Hello ..
On the 9th of May i deposit 30€ at this casino for claim the 150% bonus offer plus 33 free spins on Starburst .
I try a few slots and then my balance went down to 20€.
I try Medusa II and place a SINGLE bet of 1.25€ and won 810€ with a final balance of 831.15€ .
Then i continue to play with this slot and try to make a SINGLE bet of 5€ and won 1043€ with a final balance of 1679.15€.
After this i only make a few more bets of 5€/6€ ( not more than 10 ) and keep playing .
I went to the chat support and explain that i have make some high bets and they told that it was all okay, but i've been marked has high stakes player but the withdrawal shouldn't had any problem in future .
I keep playing and after a few hours i close the wagering ( 2250€ 30xd+b) with a balance of 1002.45€ .
I contact the chat again and told me all is okay and i can withdraw with no problem ( even i make this few high bet )
Then on Sunday 10th morning i send my documents and withdraw the amount via bank wire .
As stated in their site they keep in pending for 2 business days, so i have to wait till this morning Wednesday the 13th when i receive this email "
We regret to inform you that after review of your gameplay, it has been reported as abusive towards our bonus offer.

As stated in our terms and conditions – section bonuses, we reserve the right to permanently close accounts linked to such game plays .

Your full deposit amount of 30 euros will be refunded to you and the winnings which have originated from it and/or its bond bonus forfeited.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our compliance Department. "

I was shacking , my mum crying and i have an heart attack .

They have closed permanently my account , so i can't even access to it.

I am not a bonus abuser like they said and i want justice for this , they say it was all okay and now i receive this email?!

Im so upset , please help me to get my winnings back!

Tania .

Tania Righi Italy
posted on May 14, 2015.

I want to update because i see yesterday the 13th , they have changed their terms and conditions fatality when they declined my payment!

posted on May 15, 2015.

Based on the evidence presented on behalf BetsKING Casino we can confirm that player made several bets in excess of the maximum allowed according to the bonus terms and conditions.

Player made a 30€ deposit and took casino's 150% bonus offer, meaning player was not allowed to bet more than 10% of the deposit amount per a single spin - "Players staking more than 10% of their real money deposit in a single bet will be flagged as high-risk players and shall be monitored. The Casino reserves the right to void any winnings derived from such abusive behaviour. Example: a player depositing €100, then immediately proceeds to wager over €20 per hand will be deemed high-risk user. High-risk players will not automatically be deemed advantage users, but will fall under a higher level of security and their gameplay will be monitored for changes in bet value."

We were also provided with all changes made to casino's terms and conditions within the period when player joined the operator. We can confirm none of these changes concerned that specific bonus term quoted above.

It is now obvious that BetsKING Casino acted according to its own Terms & Conditions and we consider this case as Resolved.

Complaint is now officially closed.

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