Anna Casino - Winnings removed due to mysterious bonus term violation, support not answering

posted on April 22, 2016.

My rather small winnings of 57 euros were removed after I had made a withdrawal.

My deposit was only returned to my account.

After sending them 5 emails, trying to access live chat, I received one short email that I had broken the bonus rules. I did not play with a bonus with this deposit. I didnt receive a bonus with my deposit.

They don't respond to emails or live chat. I can access my account, and they keep sending me reloads and promotions. I dont want to play with them before this is resolved and I get my winnings.

posted on April 24, 2016.

Hello there cyp1.

Your winnings were confiscated based on the fact you were abusing the first deposit bonus. Collecting bonus games on purpose with high stakes with the bonus money, lose the bonus money and then release those bonus games with real money after your second deposit. This is abusing our offer and therefore your winnings have been confiscated.

Have a nice day.

Annacasino representative

posted on April 24, 2016.

Dear Eero

Thank you for finally answering me. Your support totally ignores my emails although I have used web form and direct e-mail multiple times.

I did not break any of your published rules. I did not play any games that were disallowed. I did not break your bet size limits, so your comment regarding bet size is wrong. I followed your rules as they are writting.

The winnings were generated with real money, without a bonus in my account, and the winnings were a lot less than I have deposit on your site.

If you feel any of the games I played in your casino shouldn't be allowed, why haven't you ruled them out?

You have created a situation where even by following your rules exactly, you can still steal players funds. That is unacceptable.

You should pay my winnings, as I have followed your rules.

Best regards