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WinningRoom Casino - Canceling £1,500 withdrawal for no reason

Complaint Info
Disputed casino WinningRoom Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount £ 1200
Posted on July 2, 2018

i have been a member off winning room casino for around 4 years have made multiple deposits via neteller and Paysafe card on the 25/06/2018 i made a deposit via my Paysafe account for the amount of £50 and for the first time i won on this site £1200 this is were the problem starts i request a withdraw via neteller as Paysafe there is no withdraw option they have reversed my withdraw 4 times now and i have sent them emails with no reply live chat havnt got a clue whats going on have been on with them 4 days running and got nowhere can askgamblers help me out here

Posted on July 3, 2018

Hi Wheeler00, I'm sorry to hear about your displeasure but hope that I will be able to shine light on this!

I'm not sure what the support have told you and it sounds a little strange that they doesn't have a clue why the withdrawal is reversed.
Per standard routine when someone is requesting a withdrawal, after depositing with paysafe, the withdrawal method to be used is bank transfer.

The reason for this is due to the bank verification is the most liable form of verification from the payment methods we provide and therefor it's the safest way for us to be sure the money is going to the right person.

When I myself handled the support we always informed people withdrawing with Skrill or NetEller to please make the withdrawal through bank.

Would it be possible that they have informed you to make the request via bank, or would you be able to give me more information on the reason they have given you for the withdrawal to be reversed?

I will be at your disposal Wheeler00 until this has been sorted out!

Best regards,
Winningroom Emil

Posted on July 3, 2018

the casino knows fine what is going on here i have 2 deposits methods reged on winning room neteller and Paysafe as Paysafe has no withdraw method i withdrew via neteller as this is the only other Payment method i have i dont have a bank account i only have a uk Post office account which i CANNOT deposit or withdraw to casinos i have already sent a document to support this i sent this to winning room. also i have deposited into casino multiple times via neteller so why cant it be Paid there is no other problem with any other casinno including your sister site redbet they where able to Pay to neteller. first of all your live chat told me that my bank reversed the withdraw because it was to high (like 1200 is not that high) so i knew then that i was being lied to. also there is nowhere in the casinos terms and cons that says if a person deposits via paysafe they have to take their winnings via a bank account surly it would go to a withdraw method that is already reged on the account in my case neteller. also i made a new deposit on thursday via neteller and made a new withdraw that currently is still Pending so my last deposit was neteller but yet this casino is still holding on to my winnings it just seems to me they dont want to Pay up they have made no effort what so ever to contact me its me who had to sent emails and go on live chat every day it has been so dragged out over a simple thing as i said in my complaint i have been a member of this casino for years now made multiple deposits via neteller no problems what so ever but once i make a withdraw all sorts of Problems there is no excuse for this

Posted on July 3, 2018

i got email from support today saying they want to Pay my withdraw into my Post office account this cannot be used to deposit or withdraw to casino this was used to verify my account back in march i have explained this multiple time via live chat and by email here is a link for the terms and cons for a Post office card account the casino needs to look at term e5 in this link https:­//w­ww.p­os­tof­fic­e.c­o.u­k/d­am/­jcr­:32­984­ab7­-48­84-­418­c-b­90c­-70­05c­ef3­fe0­d/P­ost­-Of­fic­e-C­ard­-Ac­cou­nt-­ter­ms-­and­-co­ndi­tio­ns.pdf this explains the reason i cannot make a withdraw to this account because if i could of i would b

Posted on July 4, 2018

hi the casino has now Paid to my account i would like to thank askgamblers for helping with this issue can askgamblers now close this complaint as resolved thx again

Posted on July 4, 2018

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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