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WhiteLion Bets Casino - Delayed and cancelled withdraw


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WhiteLion Bets Casino


€ 1500

Posted on March 5, 2020

Whitelionbets is not paying my winnings because they don’t want to understand that I have used my Debit card, which means the money is directly payed from my bank-account. My master gold credit/debit card is a double card include two card-numbers. In Front of the card is the credit card number and on the backside the debit card number. They keep asking me for my credit card even I have sent them the card, both side of the card tree times already. In their rules, debit card is a payment-method. So the withdraw should also be possible using a debit-card or payment directly to bank account. Never before has any casino rejected my debit card. All other casinos except them.

I joined White Lion Bets on 26.1.2020 and start to deposit small deposit, in total 350 € without taking any bonuses. One deposit via Euteller (my bank account directly) and 4 times with my debit card number and secured all payments with my e-Wallet. I played and won noting. I had a break when thinking of continue or not on this Casino.

After some days I continue playing and deposit several sums again in total 350 € with my debit card. I always play with small bets and was very happy when my luck was changing and I had a big win on Immortal romance 4 of 5 wild desire. I won about 1500 € that day. I requested a withdrawal 1200 € on the 5.2 to my bank account and left the rest 300€ on the casino-account. I continue playing with the 300€ and won again a big sum, but lost them.

I stopped playing on the 7.2 when I had 400 € left on my casino-account and 1200€ withdraw waiting for them to pay to my bank-account. I sent all my documents to be verify on the 7.02 and an explanation of the card I have used and asked them to look for the debit card numbers on the backside. The answer from them were we got your documents but can’t approve the credit-card and we need a copy of your credit card xxxx. My mother tongue is Swedish so they sent the text in Swedish 7.02. My communication with them is in english, just to be sure everybody understand.

I contact them again on the 14.02 after no contact from them and this time they answered in english. "Thank you for your email. We confirm that we have received your documents, unfortunately they are incomplete.
In order to continue with your withdrawal request, we would need you to send us the below documents:
• Credit Card: We require a copy of the credit card ending in XXXX. Please block out the middle digits of the credit card number, leaving the first 6 and last 4 digits visible (e.g., 512345xxxxxx7890). Please block out the 3-digit security code on the back of the credit card. The card must be signed and all the edges should be fully visible......"

I have tryed to explain to them that I have use my debit-card. They do not explain anything just send me automatically the same text over and over again asking me to send them a copy of my credit-card.

On the 21.2 I sent them more proof of my deposit, and a copy of my account that confirms that the payments was directly from my bank account with my debit card.

This has now been going on for nearly 4 weeks, and all they can say is we need your credit card and me sending back explaining about the card.

Last week on the 27.2 I finally asked online chat for assistance. Their said they needed to verify my phone which they did the same day. They promised to contact me again in 2 days.

On the 28.2 I got an email answer, and the same email as before, no explanation, nothing just a copy of their earlier mail asking me to send a copy of my credit card I have used.

I contact chat again 2.3 and I sent my credit/debit card again directly to the chat for them to send to the finance-department. Even after talking to chat and explain they still was asking for the card, that they already have. I got no good answer from them, only a text about what they request.

After I talked to chat 2.3 I sent an email to the finance department again, sending once again all my documents to proof my account and identity and credit/debit card. I checked my casino-account after that and suddenly they have cancelled my withdraw without any kind of explanation after over 3 weeks waiting. I have now 1600€ on my casino account that I don’t know how to get, because they keep asking for my credit-card or debit card that they already have. I try to withdraw again today 4.3 but it is not possible to withdraw at all anymore. Why?

I own only one credit/debit card so I do not understand why they ask me for another card I don’t have. If they can not accept my debit-card they can pay trough Euteller to my bank-account which I once used when i started to deposit money to this casino that in my opinion is trying to rob my winning.

Please help if you can!

Posted on March 5, 2020


We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention.

We will investigate your concerns and update you accordingly.

Kind regards

WhiteLion Bets Casino

Posted on March 6, 2020

Thank you. I will wait for that.

Yesterday the casino changed my status so I was possible to withdraw. I did a withdraw.
At the moment I am waiting for them to verify my documents, and pay my withdraw.
Not solved yet.

Kind regards

Posted on March 9, 2020

My withdraw received today
Thank you

Kind regards,

Posted on March 9, 2020

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.