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Atlantic Casino - Want a refund of all deposits since they use fake games

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Atlantic Casino
Reason Double charge/Refund
ads913 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 26, 2016

I am raising a complaint and dispute withAtlantic club casino.

I believe I have fell victim to their of their illegal software and there manipulations.
The short story and (I have evidence of all the situations that have occurred).
During a netent game of Jack Hammer 3rd of April I was winning after free spin game 3000 plus

The game did not finish and was on 177 more spins after 15 min of this special free spin game potentially of average 10k more.
It was cut off Mysteriously and I was also logged off it looks like they did this. .
Weeks went by I was told they were investigating it along with Netent support.
They could not give me any information apart from it being a bug.
During these weeks they gave free bets as I was a valued customer .
However the play through rules were pretty extreme.

After pressuring them about the situation they said they would offer me a good will package.
Since I was in the region of 3000 euros loss with the previous game they offer me 300 euros for 10 weeks equalling 3000 euros I have lost.
The only issue I had to play through 360000 what is left and the original 300 euros would be deducted the rest would be mine.
After the 5th week I actually won and beat the extremely difficult task play through of 110000 euros.
I have a receipt\invoice of this and also screenshots.
They told me on Sunday that I was entitled to only 100 euros and that since I was a vip they would give me 500 euros.
Which I disagreed with and dispute as it was against the arrangement agreed.
I have screenshots of the winnings receipt also my 2 of my big wins are even displayed on their front webpage.

< External links removed>

I did the check to test this and it was using the illegal server
I also read that you are aware of this and also netent are now aware of this.
When I challenged Atlantic they said and I quote.


Everything you've been reading is bull. There are people out there trying to ruin our reputation.

We have a contract with an official company that distribute Netent Games, so our games are real.

So, don't worry, don't be afraid, everything is above board.

Warm regards,

Account manager
Since then they have taken the Netent games down. This to me is indisputable and also they lied because netent confirmed they don’t supply a service to Atlantic casino.
I want a full refund of all deposits made to this company

Posted on May 30, 2016

Dear @ads913,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

ads913 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 31, 2016

well i received a email from the Compliance Officer from gametec at Curacao stating the terms and conditions were in play . surprised they responded to be honest. i had prior help from Casinomeister and spoke to Netent so from the info they gave i replied.

I was offered 300 x 10 =3000
This was meant to be 3000 that I supposedly won as a compensation package.

So the max I could win with that set of criteria would be 1000 euros (where they were due me 3000)
I am not naïve I would never accept that, I argued for the 3000 plus.
I was very thorough in the details of that package they offered me and it was explained to me if I met the 36000 play through I would lose the 300 as a bonus and the rest was mine.
I agreed to this, this rule of compensation is not in there terms and conditions as it was circumstance outwith there control .
The system they have states they cancelled my 11000 euros.

Now regarding the Netent games why are you turning a blind eye to that.
I explained my game of Jack hammer and have screenshots to prove.
I have been in touch with Netent and they have advised me that the games this supplier used was not there’s but illegal version.
They and you have received notices of cease and desist and they blatantly lied about getting in contact with Netent with my situation.
They are obviously not trustworthy and have demonstrated that .
You are there to stop infringements please look into this.
I appeal to you to investigate further as a consumer this is so wrong in this day and age.
End of reply........

I have also found out some other incriminating information which i dont want to reveal just yet but all i can say is these guys are leaving themselves open for a large lawsuit.

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