Want my money from Silver Oak Casino

posted on October 3, 2012.

I won Finally sent me a check, My bank would not cash it ,my bank called the bank that the check was sent from told them needed a US check cost me 35$ to get my bank to send back, still waiting on my check keep giving me the run around been 3 months now. I WONT MY $2202.00

posted on October 8, 2012.

Dear Player:

We will look into this mattee

Best Regards


posted on October 9, 2012.

$2,220.22 is the exact amount .why is it taking so long. Never send an email or anything.


posted on October 12, 2012.

Dear player

The checks are "deposit only" checks. Did you try depositing it only?


posted on October 14, 2012.

Thank You finally got my money and my check cash Nice doing business with you might come back now

posted on October 14, 2012.

 Complaint solved!