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Ladbrokes Casino - Applying different bonus wagering requirements than advertised, refusing to solve the issue in a timely manner


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dannywalsall United Kingdom Message
Posted on December 12, 2017

I deposited into my Ladbrokes account on 07/12/17 and received a popup for me to either accept or decline a Casino bonus of 75% with 15 times wagering. At first I declined this as I was taking part in another offer involving the game Genie Jackpots. Once I completed that promotion I redeposited £90 and accepted the Casino bonus with 15 times wagering.

I received the bonus of £67.50 but upon checking the wagering it said I had to wager £3105, which is a lot more than what I accepted (15 times).

I contacted Live Chat as soon as I saw this and explained the situation, I was told it would be escalated and passed on to the relevant department and I should receive an e-mail within 24 hours after they have sorted the issue. I waited over 24 hours and after receiving nothing and wagering was still £3105 I contacted Live Chat again. I received the same reply that it would be passed on and to wait 24 hours. I again did this and received nothing again. So I contacted Live Chat again, and after explaining the situation for a third time I was told it would definitely be sorted within 24-48 hours and I would receive an e-mail. I do have screenshots of this Live Chat session.

Now 48 hours have passed and again I have received no e-mails and the issue still hasn't been sorted. I've contacted Live Chat again tonight, I was just told the bonus has been issued and then they ended the chat. I contacted them again and was told it is 46 times wagering and that's it. I said I wanted to take the issue further as it was clearly false advertising. I was then told they will pass it on to the relevant team and it can take 72 hours for a reply.

It is like I am going round in circles with every contact to Ladbrokes live chat. Each time getting a very similar reply and nothing about the issue being sorted. I have to explain each and every time regarding the issue so it doesn't look like anything is being logged on my account. So now I would like to make this complaint as i'm not happy that I accepted an offer for 15 times wagering and to be given 46 times wagering.

Live Chat also asked if I had screenshots, but this was a popup when I deposited and not something you think of doing when you deposit and accept an offer.

dannywalsall United Kingdom Message
Posted on December 14, 2017

It has now been over 72 hours since Ladbrokes Live Chat promised to contact me via e-mail after they supposedly escalated the problem. This would now be the 4th time they have promised to contact me and promised me a resolution and each time I have not received a single reply or any contact from them.

The first day I was promised a resolution and e-mail back within 24 hours. I heard nothing.
The following day I was promised the same and an e-mail back within 24 hours. Again I heard nothing.
The following day I was promised another escalation and e-mail back within 48 hours and again I heard nothing.
48 hours later I was promised the same and an e-mail back within 72 hours and yet again I have heard nothing at all.

I have my funds stuck in my account after being told not to touch them until the matter is resolved.