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VoodooDreams Casino - Unfairly blocked my account after winning over €124.000!

meinereiner1 Deutschland
Posted on August 7, 2018.


I know that some people come to you with minor problems in casinos.

I read the ads and good words about VoodooDreams through and logged in there.
Have made two deposits with Trusty once 35 and once 50 euros
That was both on 03.08.2018
I played Super Bonus Bingo with 10 numbers and 5, - bet and hit all numbers.
Profit 50,000 EUR
Then I wrote the chat support on how to proceed now, there they told me everything was fine and I could make payments (also by trusty), after a Verfication.
Documents submitted ... there began the Gezerre with time .. After I sent everything diligently I got the email, it was all right and I could now pay off.
Suddenly it is said that only Entercash would go for the payouts, and only 5,000 at a time, instead of 9,000 on their side, but there would always be small steps.
So I once stated 5000, -, 2500, - 2500, - and 2350, - for payout.

Have played in the meantime and repeatedly won, so that the account this afternoon had an amount of 124,058.70 EUR.
After I repeatedly asked about the payouts, I was always told with a ":-)" with it would take just everything, but it's all ok
Was the car wash and incidentally always played by mobile phone.
The support chat written and asked for the payment. "Everything's okay, everything will be alright" were the words
I wanted to log in again and suddenly there is "self exclusion" and I could not log in anymore.
Chat again written, there asked what was going on, "all ok, everything is normal :-)" and again everything from the loose side.

But then the EMAIL
Account was blocked, payments canceled and my 85, - Euro should be refunded to me.

Reason was called, I locked in a sister casino "NySpins" me because a problem with the play should have?!?
I played there and the site was slow and hung up a lot, so I locked the account there.

In the terms and conditions and otherwise on the side of Voodoodreams is nowhere that you would have a sister casino and a local lock would be punished with such an action.

What do you think, how is this going?

Correspondence, images and process are all available to me as screen shots and emails

evening greetings
a sad user :-(

meinereiner1 Deutschland
Posted on August 7, 2018.

It is correct that I was logged in on the site, played there and locked myself there, or logged off! I logged out there because the games often did not work good and my Firefox browser offen crashed at super bonus bingo
That's what I mean by saying I had problems with the games in poor English.
i wrote that i cant handle the playing there and want to close my account. there was no problem with that and my account was closed

in view of the fact that I could not see on the sides of the conditions under https:­//w­ww.n­ys­pin­s.c­om/­de/­bed­ing­ungen and also today as of 06.08.2018, can not recognize, which sides belong to thais enterprise, was the locking of my account there also only for this side thought.

Also, I have BEFORE I am logged on to I have read the Terms and Conditions at https:­//w­ww.v­oo­doo­dre­­m/e­n/t­erm­s-a­nd-­con­dit­ions.
There was and is NOT the hint about a partnership with!
When registering I have the same data, email address, phone number, name and also the same method of payment from the same bank account performed.
Here should have been the indication that the page also belongs to Voodoodreams.
This did not happen!

The following deposits have been made:
03/08/2018 Transaktion-ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx912 38,-
03/08/2018 Transaktion-ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx875 50,-

The deposits were made by Trustly from my bank account and were accepted without problems!

I played the game "SuperBonusBingo"
After I made a profit of $ 50,000, I contacted the support chat, who confirmed to me that everything was fine and I did not need to worry, just a verification is still necessary.
I have submitted all required documents and received the following email on 05.08.2018 at 11.38 am:
Hi xxxx,

Thank you for providing all necessary documents and information for your account verification.

Your account is now fully verified and no further verification will be required going forward. Exception being the use of new payment methods or if we notice any discrepancies with your account.
Thank you.
Regards / Vänligen / Vennligst,
VoodooDreams Security
securi­[email protected]­voo­doo­dre­

I then continued to play and could reach a total profit of 124,058.70 EUR!
In addition, I have requested the following payouts:

05/08/2018 Transaktion-ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx491 5000,-
05/08/2018 Transaktion-ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx599 2500,-
06/08/2018 Transaktion-ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx577 2500,-
06/08/2018 Transaktion-ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx657 2350,-
And then suddenly I was stopped.
The email support told me then only I can pay off only by Entercash, although your side offers also other disbursements and the support me in the chat said that after a Verifikation also the disbursement per Trustly is possible!
Also, only once max 5000 EUR can be paid, although on your side under https:­//w­ww.v­oo­doo­dre­­m/e­n/p­aym­ent­-info ACCURATE is 9000, -!

Here it started to be strange!
The support told me it was all well and I should be patient, it could take up to a week!
This is not on your side too!
All at once the account is blocked and the profits are collected!

If you take a closer look at the bonus points, you will see that I played a lot and made a lot of bets. Again, there is no check, or lock, only when I wanted to pay out

Not fair.

Posted on August 8, 2018.

Due to the fact to this case have been submitted to the MGA, we will communicate to the player through that channel. We'll not comment on the matter further while the MGA is handling this case.
Best Regards
Voodoodreams team

Posted on August 9, 2018.

Based on the received information that formal complaint has been submitted in front of the official regulatory body, AskGamblers Complaints Team have no other option but to reject this complaint.

As soon as AskGamblers Complaints Team is being notified about the regulator's final decision on the case, we will comply and mark this complaint accordingly.

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