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CrystalCasino - Games and software not working, decline request for a refund of my deposit

Complaint Info
Disputed casino CrystalCasino
Reason Double charge/Refund
Amount € 50
Posted on November 14, 2014

I am very worried about the legitimacy of Crystal casino. I opened an account with them on 28th October and deposited 50 Euro. EVERY slots game returns an error code of '0' so I am unable to play any of their games. None of the links I click on work - e.g. installing their own plug-in, messaging their support, NOTHING WORKS! I emailed them to ask them to refund my money and was told to request a withdrawal through the 'my account' section of their website which I did but it stays pending for days and the 50 euro remains showing in my account. I have emailed them a few times since demanding my money back and am told I will lose a percentage as I haven't turned over enough of my deposit(even though I had no bonus!). I told them this was unfair as I am unable to turnover any of the money as I cannot access any of their games. I finally agreed they could deduct their percentage and have now had an email saying they are having problems with refunding money to cards and suggesting I open a money booker account! I have played at many different casinos and never experienced anything like this - they should be refunding my deposit back to the card I paid with. I am not happy to open a money booker account so it appears my deposit is dead money.

Posted on November 7, 2014

Dear @mummyjr,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on November 7, 2014

No updates I'm afraid. I have just logged into their site and I see that my 50 euro is still sitting in my casin o account and when I check my transactions I see that my request for withdrawal made on 3rd November remains pendingl!

Posted on November 10, 2014

Dear Mumyjr,

I am Alice, Crystal Casino administrator. Let me clarify the whole issue for you.

First of all we should mention, that this is the very first case when a player can't launch any game in our casino. This is not a common problem or technical occurrence and we did not get any requests of that kind from anyone else at the same time . Of course, as any other gambling house, we receive queries regarding technical problems from time to time, but as a rule this issues can be easily resolved. Unfortunately, none of our instructions worked for you. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you've come across. But still it seemed rather suspicious from our side.

Due to the fact you had credited your account via credit card, our antifraud department asked to conduct a verification and request documents and credit card scans in accordance with our terms.
(5.2. ...The Company reserves the right to request at any time satisfactory proof of your identity (including but not limited to copies of a valid passport / identity card or any other document to verify your identity) to check the given personal information...
8.12.4. ...The passport series and number may be painted out on the image. If you made deposits to your account with the plastic card you must also send us the copies of this card’s front side and back side. The first six digits and the last four digits of the card’s number (if you have the card number embossed note that the same digits must be covered on the card’s front side and the back side ) must be visible, the CVV2 code must be painted out.....)

That was necessary to make sure, that no one is trying to make use of a stolen card.

The commission you've been informed about is a common security measure provided as a rule in most of casinos to avoid casino abuse on fraudulent purpose and it is mentioned in our terms as well:
8.12.5. if the total bet is less than three times the first deposit, the Company reserves the right to withhold 10% (but no less than 0.5 USD or the equivalent sum) of the amount being withdrawn in order to cover the bank transfer expenses. If the deposit was made via the plastic card the administration takes away 20% of the current player balance.

In your particular case this commission can be evaded. But, unfortunately, we did not get the requested documents from you and thus can not process your withdrawal with out an approval from our security department.

Moreover, at the moment we actually do not process payouts on credit cards. Thus you've been suggested to withdraw your money on any other payment system. It can be not only Skrill, but Neteller as well. Kindly let us add $10 extra to your payoff for the inconveniences you've experienced.

Waiting for your response. Please do not hesitate to contact our support for any clarifications.

Best regards,

Posted on November 10, 2014

I have NEVER been asked for identification documents and for your information I will not be sending them. There is no point in me sending in the documents when I know I am not going to be playing on your site. I have never come across an online casino that does not refund money to a card that they took it from and I am not prepared to open up any type of account, be it Skrill, Neteller or whatever, just for the reimbursement of 50E. You are obviously unable to refund my money so I will have to take this as a lesson learned and stick with the British sites.

Posted on November 11, 2014

Dear Mummyjr,

Your refund of EUR 50 has been processed today without any commissions. Reimbursement of this kind may take some time (up to 30 business days). This was the main reason for us to suggest a refund via other payment system: using Neteller or Skrill you'd get your money back in an hour upon payoff as a maximum.

Due to the fact we've processed this refund to the card you've deposited with - there was no need in providing verification.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for this issue and delay occurred while we've been figuring out all the details.

Best regards,

Posted on November 12, 2014

Thank you. I will check my card account over the next few days and let you know when I receive the refund.

Posted on November 13, 2014

I have today received a refund of the 50E to my credit card account. Thank you for eventually resolving this matter.

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