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Ladbrokes Casino - Verification issues

shannonrace97 United Kingdom
posted on December 15, 2015.

I have been experiencing a long and very stressful ordeal with verifying my details in order to make a withdrawal from my Ladbrokes account. I first made my withdrawal request around 5 weeks ago after having my stakes limited. I was asked the standard procedure to provide copies of an ID and proof of address, to which I promptly supplied a copy of my passport and a recent bank statement.

I received a response a few days later from Ladbrokes stating the following. 'We have received the copies of your ID and proof of address, and they are now saved in a secured file. We're pleased to inform you that the proof of address has passed validation and your account has been updated accordingly.

However, the ID did not pass our security qualifications as we can't validate the authenticity of it for the reason that it’s unclear and some details can't be seen or verified. Kindly send us full photographed copy instead so we can validate further the authenticity of your document'.

I thought this was a fair request but further in the email i had also been asked this. 'In addition to this, please send us as well your picture holding your ID so we can fully verify your account.'

I did think this was an unusual demand so instead I just replied with a clearer copy of my passport. A few days passed and i received a reply stating the below...

'We have received the copy of your ID. However, we noticed that the date of birth registered in your account is different from the date of birth in your ID. Kindly send an explanation regarding the mismatch.

Moreover, we are also waiting for a photo of you holding your ID. I suggest that you use a digital camera to get high resolution image of your documents.'

I sent a copy of the exact passport that i sent previously yet the date of birth mismatch had not been noticed first time round. So i explained that this must have been a typo during sign up and that my passport date of birth confirms the correct one.

After the second email again requesting a photograph of me holding my ID i sent on this required photograph onto Ladbrokes. A few days again pass and i received an email stating the following...

'We would like to inform you that we have accepted your ID and the photo of you holding your ID.

However, please be advised that we are still waiting for a better copy of your proof of address.'

At first i thought this may have been a mistake on ladbrokes's part as i had already sent a copy of a bank statement which had been accepted by them. So I forwarded on a copy of the same bank statement that was originally accepted. Again a few days elapsed, this was now totalling around 3 weeks. I then received an email stating...

'We have received the copy of proof of address you have sent and saved it in a secured file. Please be informed that the document you have sent is the same document that was previously declined as we cannot verify its authenticity'.

This was the exact same picture on a copy of my address that had originally been accepted by Ladbrokes. After becoming quite concerned by the situation and length of time this was taking I decided to provide 4 different copies of my address to eliminate any doubt about my address proof.

I live at home with my parents and am still only 18 so I am not able to provide utility bills. So instead I provided two different months bank statements which total 3 different in total. I also provided a letter from Jobseekers allowance detailing my claim and a letter from the electoral roll services detailing that my application to be on the electoral roll had been successful. After providing these 4 different documents to Ladbrokes i received the following response...

'However, the proof of address did not pass our security qualifications as we can't validate the authenticity of it.Kindly send us alternative document so we can fully verify your account.'

I could not believe what i was reading I had provided Ladbrokes with 5 different copies of my address, 3 Bank statements and 2 official letters from governments bodies. I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do and where to go next with this. I am taking pictures with an iPhone 6 in well light rooms so the clarity of the picture cannot be questioned, Also how was my first bank statement accepted and 'passed validation' yet i have had to supply further documents on multiple occasions.

Any advice on this or help would be greatly appeciated.

posted on December 17, 2015.

Hi shannonrace97,

Your last documentation has been reviewed and approved earlier this morning.
Please submit a new withdrawal request for us to proceed.

We kindly ask whenever we request for documents, send only the specific information we are asking. If you send us other documentation we didn't request, the processing time for solving your issue will be longer.

In the future please stick only with the requested information.


Ladbrokes Support team

posted on December 21, 2015.

Did you received your winnings, can we close this complaint? Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed.