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iGame Casino - Verification and delayed payment problem

Complaint Info
Disputed casino iGame Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount € 190
Posted on October 3, 2017

I have a problem with igame casino. I made a transaction of withdrawal of 190 euros by skrill. I deposited 40 euros for two times and with the second transaciton I won 190 euros. I didn't use any bonus etc. and before playing I asked the support of igame if they will have withdrawal problems when I play and win because my country, Poland is restricted in many casinos, but they said there will be no problems with it. The terms & conditions also don't restrict my country. I sent them the copy of my id, invoice and the statement of my bank account. They said they don't like the version of my id so I sent them a new one. They returned the money to my casino account without letting me know that they don't like the second version. I cleary said them that I want to withdraw my money, moreover I told them also that I can even play with it sometime, but at first I have to check them out. I never had such a problem with casino, the version of Id I sent them was reviewed and accepted by many casinos all over the world.
I also wrote them to let me know if they like the new version of my id, I made some photos of it and also sent it. I committed to send them new copies of my id again and again if they don't like the previous. They returned the money to my casino account again without letting me know that they still don't accept my id. Today I got an email wrote in Polish although I know I am good at English and all the correspondence was hold in English by me. I know that's it's clearly understandable what I write in English.
They just prolong it without a clear message that they don't like my second or third id version. I will even invest my time and money to make the best version of my id ever but I think it's not the case.

Posted on August 26, 2020

Upon reviewing your complaint AskGamblers Complaints Team reached to the conclusion that your claim is not valid. While we could understand your frustration and disappointment of being left to wait for unreasonably long period of time from the aforementioned casino brand before they review and process your payment, please keep in mind that each and every online casino has the exclusive right to determine and apply its own withdrawal policy and procedures depending on the requirements set within their licensing agreement. Unfortunately, AskGamblers Complaints Team is not able to influence such withdrawal policy in any way. Moreover, it is up to you to refrain from playing until the withdrawal procedure is finished and the payment is processed. Once you played and lost your money it means there isn’t a valid subject to claim for and therefore this complaint is being rejected. In case of a disagreement with our decision, we strongly encourage you to seek further assistance from the relevant licensing authority responsible for the operating license of the aforementioned casino brand.

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