Vegas Strip Not Paying Withdrawals!

posted on August 9, 2012.

I finally got some payout after several years with Vegas Strip and I just when I think I am going to get my money (based upon my account history) I get an email from the infamous Megan.. telling me that I will not be receiving my money because I had two consecutive free chips.

The rules for bonuses are stated on their website as: "The Player may not consecutively redeem multiple no-deposit bonuses. Free chip offers are meant only for our regular loyal players and unless otherwise stated in order to cash out on a free chip offer you should have an active depositing account. Should a Player redeem one no-deposit bonus and then be subsequently offered another one, the Player must make a real money deposit into their account in the interim in order for the Player to be eligible to redeem the second no-deposit bonus."

The casino broke their own rules and are making me pay for it. I play at several casinos and have never been able to get two consecutive no-deposit bonuses without a deposit. There was no additional disclosure in my email for this code stating otherwise.

Be wary of this casino and Megan...

posted on August 14, 2012.

Dear Player:

We will look into this matter and will get back to you soon


posted on August 16, 2012.

I have not heard anything further from Vegas Strip after their last comment. No email no phone call no nothing. Seems to me that the longer they wait the more creative they can get on their excuse why they haven't paid.

posted on August 16, 2012.


According to Vegas Strip casino records:

On 7/26/2012 at 2:49:36 PM a $16 Free Chip was credited in your account by one of the CS agents.

On 8/2/2012 at 6:08:22 PM you've redeemed a Free Chip coupon for $50. Winnings generated came from this second free chip.

No deposits registered in between the 2 Free Chips. This is the reason that according casino rules; winnings on second free chip were voided.

Hope this clarifies the misunderstanding

Best Regards

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posted on August 16, 2012.

That is the same answer given to me. The casino should not have provided me with 2 promo codes in a row. I went to the casino to deposit but your system was down, so the agent gave me the free money. I can see that you don't follow your own terms and conditions. GAMBLERS BE WARY!!! VEGAS STRIP IS A CASINO TO AVOID!

Let it be known that I will let every gambler's site know about your casino!

posted on August 16, 2012.

Dear Player:

The $16 Free Chip was manually credited by the agent. It was not a coupon code.

As explained before the second one was redeemed by you and it was a Free Chip as well.

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posted on August 17, 2012.

Whatever...In the long run your Casino will suffer the consequences of your actions.

posted on August 18, 2012.

Dear dawynsmith:

Our Casinos are more than willing to please their players and offer them great promotions and offers. The only requirement is that casino rules need to be followed.

We hope you understand this and keep on enjoying of the Vegas Strip.

Best regards