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Pocket Fruity Casino - Unfair treatment & poor customer service

Loublou2lou United Kingdom
posted on October 27, 2015.

I recently won £1000 at pocket fruity I made a withdrawal request and sent in all the verification ID etc I recieved and email from them saying they have closed my account as I have a duplicate account with them, I am was unaware I had another account with them and if I did this is a genuine mistake, I have never made a withdrawal before and if I knew I had another account I wouldn't risk just throwing my money at them for it to be just exactly that with no chance of winning... I have tried several times to contact them through their ridiculous customer service number which everytime goes straight to voicemail no one ever answers and numerous emails to try resolve the situation I have heard nothing from them. How is it fair that they can take your money knowing you have no chance of winning if I have a so called duplicate account? If you are not gonna pay my winnings to me then I would like to claim back my deposits made to this account, somehow this is a genuine mistake and I'm disgusted by the way I have been treated by this company without being given any chance to resolve this situation or more information on what's happening, I honestly don't know about this duplicate account I feel like iv been massively scammed been depositing on this site quite a few times and never won then do finally win and they won't pay me I may aswel have thrown my money down the drain. Absolutely scandalous.

posted on October 22, 2015.

Dear Loublou2lou

Thank you for your feedback and giving us the opportunity to respond to your complaint.

Firstly it's important to clarify that, as is common place on most regulated online gambling sites, it is a breach of our Terms and Conditions to open multiple accounts. Upon registering an account with Pocket Fruity, you are required to read and "accept" the Terms and Conditions in order to complete your registration. The Terms and Conditions are detailed here https:­//w­ww.p­oc­ket­fru­­m/t­erm­s-a­nd-­con­ditions and I'd like to draw your attention to point 1f which states "1f. you shall only attempt to open one Account. Please note you are expressly prohibited from operating multiple Accounts;" and "6fh. terminate or suspend your Account(s) if Bear group believes you have opened and/or operated multiple accounts. We shall be under no obligation to refund to you any funds present in your Account in the event that they are in excess of your original deposit amount". These terms are very clearly explained and you agreed to accept them as a condition of your account.

To clarify that you originally opened a Pocket Fruity account in June 2014 (loublou2626), which you emailed us to close in October of that year - we actioned this request and confirmed this account closure in writing to you. In April 2015 you opened a new account with us (Loublou26). Our systems only allow one account per person and has checks in place to prevent multiple accounts, however the details that you used to create a second account were slightly different (as you changed your date of birth and address) hence it wasn't automatically detected by our systems. In addition, when you tried to add your original payment card to your new account, this was declined by our systems and a message would have been displayed on your screen to you that your card was registered on another account and thus couldn't be re-added.

Regarding your comments about not receiving responses from us, I can see that our team have been in full dialog with you regarding this issue and explained clearly why that decision was made. Your complaint has only been dealt with under Stage 1 of our complaints process and the team advised you that, if you wished to escalate this, a member of management would be able to look at this issue for you and they gave you the complaints email address. You were also advised that, should you be unhappy with the outcome to this complaint, you get raise it via our ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) which is IBAS http:/­/ww­w.i­bas­ which falls under Stage 3 of our complaints process. We do have a very transparent complaints process in place which is also detailed in our Terms and Conditions here https:­//w­ww.p­oc­ket­fru­­m/t­erm­s-a­nd-­con­ditions see point 35. This process has not been followed by yourself to date and no member of management has had the opportunity to review your complaint.

Whilst the decision taken by the Customer Services team was the correct one, under our Terms and Conditions, our management team would like the opportunity to review this complaint for you. Therefore, please can you contact us on 0845 548 9090, email suppor­­[email protected]­p­o­ck­­etf­­ru­i­t­ or Live Chat then we can look into this matter under stage 2 of our complaints procedure.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Pocket Fruity

posted on October 26, 2015.

Dear @Loublou2lou,
Are you satisfied with the casino's answer and explanation, can we close this complaint as resolved? Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and officially closed. Thank you.

posted on October 27, 2015.

Based on evidence that we received from casino management, we could confirm that player did breach casino's terms #1f. and #6fh. Upon this we consider this complaint resolved and officially closed. If player think that his right was infringed we would advice to seek further help with a casino's licence authority.

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