Money Gaming Casino - Unduly difficult verification process

OMG itsGreen Malta
posted on April 27, 2016.

As an avid slots players I have joined many sites over the years and understand the KYC process very well (to the point i have a folder with said documents premade to i can fly through the process) My issue with Moneygaming is that they seem to be the only casino that will not accept pdf documents as proof of address. I have never had such an issue before so offered to send them a copy of my tenancy agreement as my landlord is respoible for the utilty bills. I was advised this was not sufffient so i then sent them a photograph of my most recent solictors letter. again they have advised me they will not verify my account.. The process is unduly difficult and i have asked for the matter to be refered to a senior member of staff which so far has not happened (they just changed the member of staff who was emailing to one with exactly the same job title). As stated i am a member of many sites and have not had issues with the kyc process before

OMG itsGreen Malta
posted on April 28, 2016.

To be clear my complaint lies with the fact I only wished for them to allow me access to the account whilst I wait for the same document I sent in PDF form to be mailed to me so I could take a photo of it and email it to them.. I am not asking for them to allow any withdrawl. I was merely asking for access to the funds I had deposited.