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Manhattan Slots Casino - Undisclosed fees hitting bank on withdrawls AND deposits

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Manhattan Slots Casino
Reason Refund declined
Amount $ 98
Posted on September 14, 2016

Pure facts. Started the relationship with 150$ deposit.. withdrew 159.59$. Then made a deposit for 350$.. in this case simply withdrew 350$. Then deposited 450$.. withdrew 475.85. This is of course ridiculous to take more then I intend (34$ extra to GIVE THEM money.) They make the claim that their processors charge this and it's not disclosed on the site. As a matter of fact it says that deposits will be for unique amounts UNDER the deposit amount. Nevermind the fact that processor on 2nd deposit didn't charge and why not just use that processor if you care about your larger players..

Then it gets worse.. I win 1,101. They charge 25$ to process. Fine. Its disclosed. So I'm looking for 1,076$ to hit. Not going to happen, I receive 1,027.28. Another 54$.. my bank seperately charged me 15$ so non related. Again it's their processor. So to be clear.. 34$ undisclosed to give them 950$ and 54$ undisclosed to receive 1076$ ( something like 7 percent in the hole before you even walk in the door) ... They do credit the 34$ apologizing for me being overcharged.. they do nothing about the 54$ claiming that their intermediary (which they choose) isn't their fee and I'm out in the cold on it.

(Now bare in mind they tell me they CANT send me a courier check so I really have no choice but to bank wire and get killed on fees)

The story gets funnier..

I take the 34$ credit, rack it up to exactly 201$ and put in another withdraw request.. 25 to them to process.. should be 176 hitting.. guess what.. I get 131.57!!! (44 dollar fee in addition to 25$ disclosed fee) so yet another undisclosed fee, but instead of 5% like they fried me for on 1076$ now its 22%. (44 undisclosed on 176)

I want winners to pay special attention to this model. It is essentially "We will pay you so that we aren't destroyed online in a way that effects our deposits, but instead we will completely cook you on disclosed and undisclosed fees that vary wildly (depending on the wind) from 5% to 22% on your withdrawls.. and we will remove more money from your bank (with the processors WE pick) when you're simply giving us money. If you catch it we will credit it back into your account where we can cook you again on the withdrawl side)

Bottom line.. if you like being down 5%-22% on day 1 in ADDITION to their to their standard casino edge of who knows what then by all means play here.. I believe that the reason this isn't fully disclosed is because they clearly know that it will effect depositing levels..

Even just hitting my account more then my intended deposit is BAD... but 25+54 (7.6%) is insane on 1,101 withdrawl and 25+44 (34%) in insane on 201$... At best they pick bad processors, at worst they have an agreement with processors and share the overage.

To satisfy my complaint I expect you to keep the 25 x 2 as its disclosed and wire to my checking account 98$ 7.6% undisclosed and 34% undisclosed. I am not interested in a credit going to my account where I have lack of faith that it won't be fee'd to death once again

Posted on September 14, 2016

Bottom line --

It doesn't cost 69$ dollars to send a guy $201 unless I live on Mars and most of the money is being used on rocket fuel. Guys.. it's ridiculous. It's really really really really bad.

You can't just pick processors (yes you pick them), have them deposit and withdrawl "WHATEVER THEY WANT"

Then you don't actually say on the site "HEY.. OUR PROCESSORS ARE GOING TO WANT 5-22% OF YOUR WITHDRAWL IF YOU WIN IN ADDITION TO THE 25$ WE WANT".. so that people can make educated decisions..

In conclusion you have a processor charging me 54$ on 1076 and 44$ on ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX BUCKS! If you don't see the problem here (again all undisclosed) I can't help you..

I pay you 25$ to process it. I dont pay you 25$ to process it and whatever greedy processor you pick 22%.

If its disclosed on site.. I pay it.

Not disclosed.. problem.

My complaint is resolved if I receive 98$... INTO MY CHECKING ACCOUNT.. not 98$ minus 79.4% .... 98$ exactly..

Posted on September 15, 2016

Hi, the processor charges are fixed but what we cannot control is the deposit FX or intermediary bank charges for payouts.

You were overcharged by the processor for which you received credit back already before this complaint was raised.

If you feel there are furhter overcharges we are more than happy to look at these and credit you back. To do this we need some documetns from you. If you wish to do this, please contact our cashier department where they'll be happy to look at your account for you. If there are any instances of a processor overcharging we will of course make that right. If it is a case of intermediary bank charges or fees that we cannot control then unfortunately we cant cover for that.

Please contact our 24/7 support team to deal with this directly.

sparkyundertone2244 United States
Posted on September 15, 2016

You replied. I'll give YOU credit for that. But let's be real. I already sent you a screen shot of my actual checking account showing my Payout was 131$ on what was supposed to be 176$, in the email that said "I expect to be treated fairly or I will review on askgamblers" which was completely ignored by your staff. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't put on a show with this forum at the expense of my time sending duplicate emails. None the less I will email you again now. The bottom line is this. 44$+25$ to send a guy 201$ is ridiculous. Also it is tiring to read your position that intermediary fees are out of your control. USE A DIFFERENT INTERMEDIARY. One that doesn't charge ONE FOURTH of my winnings.

I'll send you an email and forward "documents" again now to keep the community updated on how you handle this, but I must say that not only can I not believe you treat your guys that throw 1000 bucks at you in the middle of the night like this, but there is zero information on your site that even remotely outlines these percentage cuts going to your vendor.

Let's see if you do the right thing. I will update askgamblers either way.

Posted on September 15, 2016

Also.. you say your processor charges are fixed... so it's 44$ on 176$ and 52$ on $1076? That doesn't sound .. um.. fixed, set, organized, fair, reasonable, or anything else.

None the less, because it may be a mistake on your end I'll give you a chance to make it right.. email is going to you now.

I'll keep the community updated.

Posted on September 17, 2016

After emailing 3 times I received a reply. No documents were requested. Here is the reply

The processing cost for sending the wire was: $50.51 which was split between casino and you. There was no other hidden fee charged by us or our processor’s bank.

Any other fees you have been charged come from your bank and/or intermediary bank that they use to receive international wire transfers.

Unfortunately we have no control over which bank does CHASE bank use as intermediary bank and how much they do deduct from the wire amount.

So I call chase bank..


1) We do not use any intermediary and accept our own domestic and international wires

2) We charge you 15$ and only 15$. (which is clearly posted to my checking account separately from the 131 I received when I was supposed to receive 176.

Manhattan Slots position that my bank takes 15 dollars plus eats another 44$ thru their intermediary (that doesn't exist) is categorically unequivocally false.

Shall we assume my bank is mistaken? Or shall we assume that you are, in light of the fact that you already refunded me when the processor you used over charged me when I was GIVING you money.

You use banks, that charge excessively on withdrawals, and processors that take more then they're supposed to (breach of trust). THEN 44$ on 176 vs 54$ on 1076 is wildly inconsistent. It's not any kind of professional fee. It's RIDICULOUSLY DISPROPORTIONED. Think about a PROFESSIONAL BANK like CHASE BANK even DREAMING of having a RIDICULOUSLY DISPROPORTIONED fee schedule IN ADDITION TO the the regular 15$ they charge to receive THEIR OWN transfers with NO INTERMEDIARY. Also It's completely and utterly unmentioned on site like the additional 25$ fee, and I don't appreciate pinning it to my bank or my banks invisible intermediary. They DO NOT charge me twice and AGAIN use zero intermediary.

You obviously use rogue processors for deposit and withdrawal that take whatever they want from my checking account, and put whatever they want back in it.. and i don't like that there is no mention of these fees on site.

Askgamblers can decide if CHASE BANK is misleading me or if it's club world considering club world already admits overcharging my deposits.

If you care about your players, you will immediately add on your withdrawal page that there will be an additional charge beyond 25$ to process withdrawals, You will at bare minimum ADJUST VERBIAGE that when depositing your processor could possibly charge more then your deposit amount and Manhattan will refund the excess, (as you have with me) and you will surely refund $98 dollars to my checking account, not just because every dollar I've exchanged with you has come complete with a surprise (not in my favor), putting the casino in bad form but because good solid players like me flat out deserve better.

This money was absolutely chomped by your entity and zero of my entities. (Correction one solitary entity, chase bank)

Will update the community. Undisclosed excessive fees are a major major major major problem for winners.. There is absolutely no where to pin the blame other then Manhattan Slots DOESN'T KNOW they're hurting their players.. or they do..

Either way I don't like it. Do the right thing.

Posted on September 20, 2016

This is being handled by our cashier team in direct contact with the player.

sparkyundertone2244 United States
Posted on September 20, 2016

I find your reply to be relatively fascinating as my last email to you directly hasn't been replied to in 4 days now.

Are you guys serious with this? More then I deposit comes out. Less then I withdrawal comes in.

Chase bank said you're wrong. I know you're wrong because chase bank would be lit on fire charging a 15$ fee plus another 44$ on 176.

If we're at the point where you're going to post that you're handling it with me directly, while saying nothing to me directly, then ultimately that's what I wanted to know.

If you would do the right thing.

Posted on September 20, 2016

I'm not talking about people that take their free bonus.. have fun.. it's free

I'm talking about real players that spend real money 1k or more..

You're 7 TO 24% down in UNDISCLOSED fees from day 1 before you do ANYTHING. And 7 to 35% down if you take into account what IS disclosed.

From there they'll blame my country. They'll blame my bank. It's all bullshit. Chase bank doesn't double bill 15 PLUS 44 to receive 176.

Club World takes whatever, (unless you catch it) gives whatever, (unless you catch it) ... and then just runs thru the laundry list of places to hide (when you do catch it) .. Chase bank doesn't double bill, YOU DO. 25$ plus a big old 44$ hole.

I'm left with no other thought then this..

Your business model is suck people in with bonus. See if they might actually make a small real money deposit. Probably larger rtp on bonus to draw in. Throw a ton of games up to pick from. Most lose small $ so not a problem.

Real players = hit them on deposits, pound them mercilessly on withdrawals. Blame anyone but us. Shave another 35 percent off anyone that wins. But aren't we great? We PAY AND WE HAVE ALL OF THESE GAMES!!!

100 percent off the losers

7-35 percent in "whatever" fees off the winners that we do and dont disclose upfront because we aren't stupid.

Last comment since I know your intentions from your last reply in this forum ... you would think that since your margins are pretty healthy that you would have the business sense to at least deal with larger real money players better... even from a tactical perspective you would have made a ton more on me in the long run.

98 bucks. (Shaking my head)

To be fair, if you guys do take care of me and put this in my checking account, I will come right back in here and announce that to the world too.

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