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Play7777 Casino - They stole my winnings of 1474 euro

Posted on 08 December 2016

When I signed up I instantly got the feeling that this casino was a scam casino but after seeing they had OK ratings here at Askggamblers I still decided to give it a try. I should have trusted my gut instinct instead..

I played their welcome bonus and it was going really well. After a while I checked on my WR status and it said I had completed 30% of the WR. So far everything fine and I continued to play some more. The next time I checked it said that I only had cleared 28%. I played some more and kept an eye on the WR movements only to see that it was not moving accordingly to my bets.

This is where they started to treat me like garbage. I contacted the support and explained my problem for the girl there. She had no clue of anything and she let me speak to some kind of manager. This guy explained that they have an "dynamic bonus system" that depends on how much you win on every spin. I have NEVER heard anything like this before... Well, he then explained how much I still had to wager and that if I did this the bonus would be cleared. I then proceeded to clear my WR just as he told me but after a while I got logged out from the site and it was impossible to log on again. I contacted the support and they managed to help me get inside after a while. But the girl in the chat told me she was going to report me to the Fraud department because "I COMPLAINED TOO MUCH"!!! I asked what she expected me to do when my bonus wagering is counting BACKWARDS and when I can't log on to the site. LOL...

I finally managed to request my withdrawal of around 1600 euro, but a day or so later when I came back to the site I noticed that my money was gone. I contacted the support and she had no clue as always. She promised me to get some information on my e-mail but I did not get that so I returned a couple of days later and started the procedure with the clueless girl again and she then made the same promise. After a while I received an e-mail from the "manager" that said I had violated the bonus terms. I asked if he could specify what I had done but he refused to answer. I have sent more e-mails since then but they have now ignored me for several weeks.

I have never received an explanation and all that is left in my account is my original deposit.

I will attach a print screen of their so called TnC. I think you will find it hilarious... It is not even written in proper english and it is absolutely impossible to understand what they mean. How can these jokers be allowed to have a license with a ridiculous TnC like this??? INSANE!

Posted on 12 December 2016

Dear @jonwin,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

Posted on 12 December 2016

Still haven't heard a single word from them... But I didn't expect anything else from this terrible company. I seriously can not understand how they are allowed to have a license. Have you seen their TnC? They are a big joke!

Posted on 13 December 2016

Dear Jonatan,
at the time you played you were in chat and had questions on behalf of playing. at this time we allready told you how to play on behalf of rules/terms and bonus conditions. Afterwords you got back and played the same way as u did before although we told you that this is not correct. thats why we voided ur winnings and declined the withdraw. also this explanation was send you by mail.

Posted on 13 December 2016

Yes, of course I had questions when my Wagering Counter was moving backwards. Your TnC does not mention anything about this.

No, you never explained what I did wrong. If you know what I did wrong, please write it here. And also point out exactly where I can find this in your TnC.

All the time when I played the bonus I made bets between 3 and 5 euro. Maybe some bets at 2,5 as well, but I doubt that. I played slots all the time, so I can not imagine how I broke any terms.

Please respond faster than after 96 hours this time. I need the money before christmas.

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