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GoWild Casino - They closed my account with 9.000€, without providing any proof

Complaint Info
Disputed casino GoWild Casino
Reason Casino terms violation
Amount € 9000
Posted on December 14, 2016

Hallo dear Askgamblers Members!

In Oktober this year, i did open an Account at Wild Jackpots. A casino that works together under the same management as Gowild Casino. After i played there a lot, i became a VIP Member and "Tobias " a VIP Host from Wild Jackpots, offered me to open an Account at GoWild, since they know i am a loyal player.

On the 17th of November he offered me 50% up to 1000€ if i would make an Account on GoWild as a Highroller Bonus.
On the 18th of November i did deposit 1100€ to claim a 550€ Bonus. I played it trought the whole wager requierements with 62,5€ per Spin on Bikini Party and i guess it was Wild Orient, since i like this 2 games a lot. 62,5€ per Spin because this was the maximum you could choose playing these slots. The max Bet while playing a Bonus at Go Wild is 20% of the Bonus amount, so no problem there.

As it turned out, i won 12.000€, and after continuing to play a bit of Blackjack an other Slots i withdrawed, 3.000€. 2 day later the money arrived on my account.
The next day, the 23rd of November, i did choose to withdraw the rest of the money, the 9.000€. A day after i recieved the email, that my account is under investigation from the risk and fraud department.

So i had to wait for a response from them, for over 3 weeks, and yesterday, they sent me an email that they closed my account because of breach of our "Fraud and Collusion Terms and Conditions". Thats all they said, didnt explain anything more.

So i played at wild jackpots, they offered me to join GoWild with a highroller bonus. i play the bonus exactly the same way, i played at wild jackpots all the time, and as soon as i won, they closed my Account without explaination with 9.000€.

For me this is a very questionable approach to treat customers, and to make it short, they did just scam me for nearly 10 Grand.

I hope you could somehow help me to be treated fair in this case, or otherwise help me to warn other players to avoid playing this casino.

I attach all the emails, that i got from them and if you need any further information, please contact me, and i will provide you with the information.

sincerly Mario M.

Posted on December 16, 2016


Thank you for contacting us.

We will look into this matter in the shortest time possible.

GoWild Casino Team

Posted on December 23, 2016

Still no answer. They failed to answer within 96 hours

Posted on December 28, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided with clear and undisputed evidence on behalf GoWild Casino management that player violated their Terms&Conditions and more specifically commit potential fraudulent activity. With this act player breached casino's terms #5.

5. The casino reserves the right to suspend your account pending investigation in the event of the casino having reasonable grounds for suspecting that you have been involved in any form of collusion, syndication or fraud during your use of the casino platform, website and/or systems. We also reserve the right to withhold the whole or part of your account balance, close your account permanently, as well as recover from your account the amount of any winnings, pay-outs or bonuses which have been affected by any of the following activities:

Collusion: The joint effort of two or more individuals to gain an unfair advantage over the software and other players via pooling of funds to achieve unnatural increase of available bankroll through multiple bonus awards (similarly to multi-accounting) to benefit/take advantage from game engine design. This is usually done at a casino in order to increase the total number of deposit bonuses awarded, thereby un-naturally maximizing probability of achieving a large winning slot pay-out (for example: slot bonus round) while ensuring that the pay-out of such an event is awarded to one of the colluding members, effectively detracting from the winning potential of any other players using the casino.

AskGamblers Complaints Team maintains zero tolerance towards player trying to abuse our complaints service and not using it in a good faith. Based on the above AskGamblers Complaints Team decided to reject the case and close it officially.

No further communication with the player shall be maintained on behalf our team.

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