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Super Casino - Shocking delays in verification process!

Posted on July 11, 2014

I recently opened an account 29th june and withdrew in profit. I was asked for documents which delays the refund,
On 4th July i sent the documents. I still await them to even approve these, after contacting them for the third night in a row i will start to post here what I hear, please be warned you will not be able to withdraw for significant time periods from this company . Join somewhere else not under the netplay brand...
Thank you for contacting SuperCasino. Your request has been received and one of our dedicated support team will be with you soon.
Shawn: Thank you for contacting SuperCasino!
Shawn: How may I assist you?
IHILTY79: I am waiting for my withdrawal that is still in pending
IHILTY79: this is a complete joke
Shawn: May I have your username please?
IHILTY79: ihilty79
IHILTY79: 27041979
IHILTY79: ol9 9dl
Shawn: One moment please
Shawn: Thank you for waiting. You have already sent in all releveant docs for your withdrawal?
IHILTY79: yes three times
IHILTY79: no response on e-mail
IHILTY79: give me the direct number for the 'finance' team
IHILTY79: or initiate this withdrawal
Shawn: Unfortunately i cannot provide you with the direct number to our Finance Department as they are currently out of the office.
IHILTY79: i am sure they are
IHILTY79: initiate the transfer then. I am fed up with this
IHILTY79: Can you give me alderney commision address and contacts for complaints purposes
Shawn: The best I can do for you today Ian is to send a complaint email to our Finance Department in regards to your withdrawal.
IHILTY79: I am here every night asking why this has not been processed with no acceptable answers. You should not state 24 hrs or 72 hrs if this is not the case. My e-mail recipt confirms confirmation of what you recieved
Shawn: I do understand your concern and I wish I could assist you on this issue. I will send an email to our Finance department
IHILTY79: Then i will be back here at the same time on friday night asking the same questions. This has already been done
IHILTY79: This does not satisfy my problem
Shawn: Could you please allow me one moment, I will see if I can get hold of someone from the Finance Department and get back to you as fast as I can
IHILTY79: i have all night as long as i get development
IHILTY79: I hate wasting my time setting up a serious complaint backed up with evidence to the alderney gaming commision and it wastes my time.
Shawn: I have just checked with a colleague in Finance Department
Shawn: He mentioned to me that due to a high amount of documents received in the last few weeks, we are currently running behind and are doing our utmost to complete your request as soon as possible.
IHILTY79: my request was on the 4th july thats not good enough
IHILTY79: I am posting this information onmultiple forums to warn potential new customers
Shawn: I do understand your concern. The Finance Department are doing their utmost best to keep up the pace with the withdrawal requests.
IHILTY79: 6 days after receiving the files is incompetence especially when your site states the time it should take on the document request e-mail.

Posted on July 12, 2014

Thank you for contacting SuperCasino. Your request has been received and one of our dedicated support team will be with you soon.
IHILTY79: why has my money not been withdrawn. ihilty79
Kristen B: Welcome to SuperCasino. My name is Kristen. How can I assist you today?
IHILTY79: why has my money not been withdrawn. ihilty79
IHILTY79: i have asked this question every night for the last week
IHILTY79: Is your company out of money
Kristen B: For security purposes, could you please confirm your date of birth and the 1st line of your address?
IHILTY79: 2704 1979 2 silverdale
Kristen B: Thank you
Kristen B: Please bear with me, I will check into it.
IHILTY79: i am contacting the chat every night, this wastes both of our time
Kristen B: I can see that we sent you an email on the 30th of June, requesting for some documents for security procedures. Did you send them across?
IHILTY79: Yes and documents sent me an e-mail confirming this 3 times
IHILTY79: first sent on 4th then 7th then 7th
IHILTY79: As you can imagine the frustration as i contact both telephone support and yourself every night and they have no clue what is going on
Kristen B: Yes, I do understand your frustration, but please rest assured, I will send an email to our finance team and ask them to process your withdrawal as soon as possible.
IHILTY79: That has been done four times
IHILTY79: please give me a direct contact or line. Blaming it on the finance team does not seem to resolve these problems.
IHILTY79: three times the support stated they would complain or contact the finance team
Kristen B: Our finance team does not have direct contact with our players, I'm afraid
Kristen B: And it's our finance team who processes withdrawals.
IHILTY79: convenient when people need an answer to their problems. I need this money this week
Kristen B: I do understand, I will have to send an email to our finance team regarding this.
IHILTY79: How can i be assured this will be resolved today. Can you do this now and reply when they have informed you what is happening
IHILTY79: I can wait
Kristen B: It should take a maximum of 24 hours for a response, and we do not process withdrawals during weekends, I'm afraid
IHILTY79: I have been to support the last three or four nights and this has happened each night. What is the process now then
IHILTY79: As i have no response from either of the other nights

Posted on July 14, 2014

Thank you for raising your complaint here at AskGamblers.

We have recently experienced quite a surge in verification documents from our players which has caused unexpected delays to our approval and withdrawal process, for which we are very sorry. Extra staff have been brought in to clear the backlog and we hope to have our normal timescales back in place very soon.

In any case, we note that your withdrawal was processed today at 09:27, for which you should have received a confirmation email. Once again we apologise for the delay in this process and welcome your comments or further questions should you have any.

With kind regards,


Posted on July 16, 2014

Dear @ihilty79,
Is this complaint resolved? Can we close it?

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