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Super Casino - Troubles with getting my money

posted on June 23, 2014.

Hello, I have had a win with Supercasino and after months of chasing them to verify myself I am still locked out my account. I have been calling the casino for months trying to get hold of a manager, only to be told either A) Not available Ill be called back B) Managers in a meeting, or C) Managers in a conference call. Finally I got through to the manager ( Karina Hadland ) a couple of weeks ago and we spoke for a good 30 minutes and I answered everything I could, ( Gameplay , my deposit method, why i played this game , what hands i played , what bet size , why this amount ) At the end of the conversation I was told my answers will be forwarded on to the necessary department. I thought by finally speaking to the manager and answering all these verification questions and even sending in a picture of myself with a newspaper dated etc next to my face all would be sorted and id be able to log back in and keep playing. Its been a few weeks since this conversation and again I cant get hold of Karina ( see the above reasons ABC ) . I have answered everything possible , provided all identification necessary and yet my acc and my win is still locked after all these months. ALL I would like is to be able to continue playing in the account but have become very disillusioned lately on them ever getting back to me. Im not after a withdrawal , just access to my funds that I won and like to keep playing...

please help......

posted on June 25, 2014.

We have looked into Mr Bristow’s complaint and would like to respond to the points raised below.

With regards to the verification required on Mr Bristows account, we can see that Ms Hadland, our customer support manager, has indeed tried to contact Mr Bristow on multiple occasions over the last couple of months; there was one occasion where Mr Bristow was not available to take the call and asked to be called back, however every other occasion there was no answer.

Ms Hadland did eventually reach Mr Bristow and asked some questions to verify the account. This verification procedure is in line with our enhanced security checks referenced in our main terms and conditions, which Mr Bristow agreed to when registering with our services.

Mr Bristow has recently been sent a document through the post which we then require him to sign and return to us, which has not been received as yet. Once we have received the requested information we can then hopefully bring this matter to a conclusion.

Kind Regards


posted on June 26, 2014.

Hello again, thank you for the quick response, I can confirm they did try calling me a few times but mostly it would when Im commuting to work or at work in which I could not take the call, but when it came to me trying to contact them when I could I never was able to be put in touch with Ms Hadland and the amount of times I called them was 100x more than the other way round, and I cant believe a company as big as Supercasino has just ONE customer support manager ???
The verification procedure is fine , Im fully aware of this and in the process of sending out the form. I would just like to make a point of Supercasino dont state in the terms and conditions anything about me sending in a picture of my passport next to face and then months down the line asking me to fill out a form ( which is fine ) but also to re-send another picture of me and my passport and now ALSO a picture of me and newspaper next to my face? MOST casinos once received identifications send you a courtesy email saying thank you this will be put on file and you wont be asked again, instead Im asked to send yet another and more.
I have not requested a withdrawal to date and dont intend too, but I have a nice sum of money in the casino I'd like to access, but I have been put back with stalling tactics , delays in responding and requesting documents after documents and now to re-send the same document , its becoming highly frustrating.
I have seen several other people complaining about this company and their tactics on various forums and my case is no exception, just seems to be a ploy to delay customers accessing funds or their account as ultimately supercasino clearly do not have funds to pay people, in my case I am not even asking that much just access to my account would be nice.

posted on June 27, 2014.

All our customers are advised, as part of our main terms and conditions (Section 7.3) that they may be required to provide evidence of their identity and address at any point of the withdrawal process. We do not detail what documents may be required in our terms as these may be different according to the player in question. All of our verification procedures are approved by our regulator, the AGCC, and are in line with the 3rd EU AML Directive, which requires us to perform due diligence on all our players in accordance with the risk assessment attached to a given individual.

As mentioned previously, we await the return of the form sent out, after which the account and associated gameplay and bonus wagering will be assessed by our fraud & finance team. Once this is complete we will be back in touch with Mr Bristow.

With best regards,


posted on June 30, 2014.

Dear @BRISTOW89,
Is this issue resolved, can we close this complaint?