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Super Casino Stall Withdrawals - requested 16th Nov 13'

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Disputed casino Super Casino
Reason Verification issues
Posted on May 16, 2014

For a company that regularly promotes on television, im quite frankly shocked by the level of customer service here. Ive read reports of the strict levels of identification requirements for playing here, but ive had to post here.. just because im pissed off now.

I deposited and played here in November - to make use of a promotion - i believe it was a 300% bonus, so £200 deposited. I won around £4500 and followed their terms and conditions to wager the required amount so as to be able to withdraw winnings - roughly 4.3k

Withdrawal was requested 16th November 2013.

ID and utility requested (as expected)


Email requesting passport to face photograph (again expected given previous reports)


Deposit confirmation letter to be signed and sent back

Apparently SC had already sent one.. never received (?), so i had another sent. Signed, scanned and emailed back and received an email to confirm receipt and that this had been passed on to relevant dept. At this stage i was told, in writing, this was the final stage of account verification and that once confirmed, my account would be verified and withdrawal processed. This was on the 15th December

next (21st Dec)

I queried my withdrawal. I was told "we are still awaiting your deposit letter"

obviously i wasnt happy about this, and they later apologised via email that they had made a mistake and my withdrawal had gone to management for approval.

Ive now been told 5 times in a row every time I query my withdrawal, that its been passed to management, "apologies, management will contact you shortly"

Ive not been contacted, nor should i be required to be, if told that the deposit confirmation letter is the final stage of verification. It is now January 10th, ive sent another email, informing SC that I am making a complaint here, and that if my withdrawal is not progressed, I will be contacting legal representation to pursue debt recovery from 17th January.

It appears Supercasino have great marketing on TV, and offer great welcome / reload bonuses to entice customers, but when you win.. they stall all possible means of withdrawal in the hope you give up. Well i am not giving up. I would advise you stay clear of this casino unless you are happy to jump through hoops for months and possibly even get a solicitor involved.


Posted on January 14, 2014

We had identified security concerns with the account and had to perform enhanced verification checks, including a request for additional documentation. We can confirm that our customer support manager, James Corrie, is in discussions with the player to ensure a swift resolution.

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