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Super Casino - Deposit and Winnings Payment witheld for months

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Super Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

I got offered a reload at Supercasino (deposit £500 for a £500 bonus). I managed to complete WR and get through with a win (about £2000). This was back on August 1st. Despite withdrawing my cash several months ago (again in August), I have still yet to see my winnings or my original deposit. I was asked for numerous amounts of identification over a period of weeks, holding passport to face etc . It is frustrating but I understand why these requests can be made and I cannot help feel that there were inherent in built delays to the process to stall payment, however from mid October onwards I have been met with something far harder to deal with. My withdrawal basically is still frozen and can only be authorised after a phone interview with the manager. Despite numerous arranged times for this interview to be had, the manager has failed to ever call me. Many attempts have been made for me to ring the manager only to find that the person is on a course/ off that day/ holiday etc.

So it is now 4 and a half months since I played at SuperCasino and neither my original deposit nor my winnings have been returned to me. I have essentially been stonewalled by the company, locked in a situation where I endlessly wait for a call that will never come and nor will they ever allow me to contact the manager myself (When I ring I am assured the call will come, but of course it never does)

I am shocked that a company of Netplays size can let this sort of situation develop. I told them last week that I will be putting my thoughts on review sites and seeking legal action, the email was not met with any reply accept that 'it had been passed to the relevant department'

Stay away from this site, I have played at many sportsbooks all around the world in some pretty interesting places and have always been paid. Its amazing to me that the one time I don't get paid it is from a FTSE listed casino based in the UK

Posted on January 3, 2014

We had identified security concerns with the account and had to perform enhanced verification checks. I'm happy to confirm that these have now been completed and funds transferred to the player.

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