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Raging Bull Casino - Still waiting for my winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Raging Bull Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 245
Posted on August 25, 2016

I went to this casino because of a bonus that was emailed to me. So I joined Raging Bull Casino and my experience playing was a good one, I even managed to play through their requirements, I think the play through was like $10,000, not completely sure but it was some ridiculous amount. EVERYONE NEEDS TO MAKE SURE YOU READ THE REQUIREMENTS FIRST! I never thought my deposit of $50 plus the bonus I received would be enough to play through that much. I managed to do it so when I was at $395 I wanted to withdrawal. The first person I spoke to which was in live chat told me it would take 48-72 for my money to be paid. He made it sound like in 48-72 hours the money would be put into my bank. Was I ever wrong...Finally July 25th I was told the payment was paid out and it would take 5 - 10 business days for my winnings to reach my bank account. August 8th came and went and I never received a thing, that was the 10th business day! Now every time I email them I get the same thing..."just be patient the money will be in your account any day now..." I have even asked them to look into it, to find out exactly where the payment people are in terms of paying me but then never look into it and tell me. We should have access to an email address for the payment place so we can talk to someone there. One picture I posted shows the amount of times I have emailed them! Not one email has given me a straight answer! It's bad enough I had no clue that they take the bonus they give you when you deposit back so now my $395 US is just $245 US. I'm already worrying that if I ever do see my money it won't be the converted amount. I'm in Canada so right now $245 US is about $316 Canadian. So just a little over $300 should hit my account.
PLEASE I need your help...I have seen so many people on here get helped through this site...a friend of mine got help through you that is why I came here...
You probably get a of of requests but this is urgent. That money is badly needed.

Posted on August 27, 2016

Dear @dmacarthur,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

Posted on August 27, 2016

No, have still not received anything from them...

Posted on September 22, 2016

Dear all, 

Kindly notice this complaint is being reopened following the declared willingness on behalf of Raging Bull Casino management to do everything within their powers in resolving their outstanding AGCCS cases. AskGamblers Complaints Team will gladly assist by giving any of these old cases an additional chance for a successful resolution.


AskGamblers Complaints Team have been informed by the casino management that your payment was successfully processed. Please confirm.

Posted on September 23, 2016

NO THEY HAVEN'T PAID ME! I have been emailing them a few times a week for the last 2 months...every time I was getting someone telling me that my payment was paid on the 25th then end it with have a great day hope to see you at the casino :)
I lost it...I sent them \my banking records for the last 2 months to prove I haven't received a dime and told them about this complaint and said they might want to resolve things. That's how they knew to reopen it I told them too.
Attached are some of the last emails where I talk to support and then a call center supervisor, I realize companies hire these people to do their work for them but should I not be talking with someone who is actually affiliated with the casino? Not a call center who isn't even in the same country as the casino. After Gabriel, the call center supervisor, told me that they were getting an ARN number to locate the payment I haven't heard back until this site told me it was resolved!
I'm getting seriously upset with this casino...obviously they have someone on the payroll who is a thief! I don't accuse anyone lightly either I have thought about this. They think they paid me...I proved they didn't but they can't find the money?? What more do they online banking? To see my records weren't altered? I'll give it to them. I'm not rich I need this money

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