Stalling Tactics - Winward Casino

Wil Mcvey United Kingdom
posted on August 6, 2012.

Dear Ask Gamblers,

I am hoping that you may be able to help me in obtaining my withdrawal.

I have been told so many things from various representatives of this casino with regards to my withdrawal request of $400, and after being declined twice already, I am having serious doubts with respect to receiving my withdrawal.

I requested a withdrawal on the Monday, it was still sitting as pending on the Friday, I queried this via live chat, and was told that my withdrawal will be REVIEWED on the Sunday? So when a customer requests a withdrawal, it is NOT 2-4 days process time at all, they will only review a request once a week?

I duly waited, and low and behold, I received the famous email I have read so much about, advising me that my account was picked RANDOMLY for a Verification Process!!

And again my withdrawal was declined after waiting another week, so I have requested again for this withdrawal which I will have to wait 6 days for someone to even look at it.

This casino has ALL my verification, I have deposited 3 times in order to receive my first withdrawal, there is no reason for them not to pay me my money and I could do with some help as I have been reading that this casino is notorious and customers have even been accused of Fraudulent behavior, which is shameful to stoop that low in order to keep a players money.