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Stack99 Casino - $10 bonus

Posted on May 16, 2014.


I have made an account long time ago to this casino but did not deposited yet, as the romanian players are not entitled to receive any sign up bonus. Yesterday I have received the following an e-mail from them:



we invite you to play with 10 EUR No Deposit Bonus at our online casino.

Try our new game portal. Play in your browser without any download.

To test the NEW Microgaming Games at Stack99, we will give you 10 EUR free.

Get your gift now. Play our amazing games.

Please send an Email to [email protected] with the bonus code VIP009 and your username. We will transfer your free bonus to your account.

This promotion is valid until July 11th, 11:59 pm.

Your username is: S99R89974738

Have fun and a good time with Stack99.

Your Stack99 Support Team

So I have sent an e-mail to their support team with my username and the code that THEY have provided in my e-mail. Today I have contacted their support center to ask them about this bonus, and they say I am not entitled to receive any "sign up" bonus. As I am aware this is not a sign-up bonus..

This is the conversation I had with the online support:

Player: Hi

Viki: Hello and welcome to our casino

Viki: May I ask how are you today?

Player: I have sent an e-mail as instructed to suport with the VIP009 bonus code.. for a 10 USD free for the microgaming part of your casino

Player: Do you know anything about it/

Player: ?

Viki: When did you sent an email?

Player: yesterday

Viki: Yes we have received it thank you very much.

Viki: I am really sorry but we had some technical difficulties with the chat and email servers during the night and therefore were not available.

Player: ahamn.. and what should I do?

Viki: I also have to inform you that unfortunately players from Romania are not entitled to a free sign up bonus by our terms and conditions.

Player: this is not a free sign up bonus, this is for to try the microgaming side of your casino

Player: then why on earth do you send e-mails with it?

Player: I have an e-mail from you guys with this binus?

Viki: I am really sorry but it looks like we send it to all players.

Player: I see, you are not very profesional..

Player: okey.. shall I write a complaint? on askgamblers or something?

Viki: I can not stop you doing that...

Viki: But i hope you understand that we are doing our best and all promotion that we have are given as promised.

Player: okey, I don;t know if you realize that you are loosing good customers with this tehnique, I do not want to mame other casinos publicity, but I am a huge microgaming fan and a good microgaming cusotmer

Viki: Well i can offer you amazing 100% bonus on your first deposit.

Viki: I think this is even better offer then free bonus.

Player: I will NOT deposit on casinos that does not offer anything in return..

Player: it is not about 10 USD, trust me..

Player: it's about giving something to receive something..

Player: and believe me .. I have hounderds of thousends wagered on other casinos..

Player: and they starded with me with a 10 USD free too

Viki: But we offer 100% on your deposit, that means taht we double your balance and you have more chanches to win.

Viki: I think this is also nice gift...

Player: Sorry Viki, it is about trust, if you send me an e-mail with something will will not give how can I trust you with my money?

Viki: I totally understand you, but I can assure you that you can trust us.

Viki: Our players are satisfied with our support and service and they do not have any complains.

Player: as I said Viki, it is not about 10 USD, it's about trust..:) and now you say I can trust you..

Player: Viki, I know it is not you personal fault.. but that means that I will be the first to make a complaint..:)

Player: okey, Viki, thank you for your helo.. this conversation will be saved

Player: help*

Viki: You are welcome.

Viki: If you will have any other questions you can always contact us.

This is not about the 10 USD free, this is about how you can trust a casino that is not keeping their promotions.

Kind regards,

Robert Florin Tar.

Posted on July 24, 2013.

Dear Robert Florin Tar,

we are sorry, that you had problems with our promotion. Regarding to our Terms & Conditions (https­://­­ack­99.c­om­/te­rms­-co­ndi­tions/) for free sign up bonusses it is not possible to offer you a free sign up bonus as a player from your country. We appologize for this mistake but with several thousands of emails in our database sometimes something wents wrong.

If you make a deposit, there will be no longer any problem to receive no deposit bonusses from our Casino.

Best Regards


Stack99 Support

[email protected]

Posted on July 24, 2013.

Thank you for your answer. I understand that I am not eligible of a signup bonus, but this is NOT a signup bonus, is it? It was for the microgaming part of your casino. By the way, I have received a 20 USD bonus in my account, shall I play with it or I am passive of voiding any winnings if I win?

Kind regards,

Robert Florin T.

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