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Golden Riviera Casino - Slow withdrawal

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Golden Riviera Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on March 14, 2016

Dear Askgamblers,

I have a complaint about Golden Riviera Casino, concerning there withdrawal's methods. I wanted to make a withdrawal on last tuesday, but they have deliberately slowing down the proces of paying out, by again and again keep asking me for documents which had proved that I am who I am. And they ask me this not within 1-2 hours, but a day later. At first you must wait 24 hours before you completed the reserve withdrawal process, and then they keep asking you question's about sending documents. At last I thought that friday morning all documents were send. But friday-evening they still had not made the withdrawal compleet. When I made contact they told me that all the person's of the Finance department were not working till monday, so I have to wait for monday. I find this not normal and I think there intentional is to hope that you keep playing with the money you have won. When I can't make a withdrawal from winnings from monday within one week, then I can't called you a Casino.

Posted on March 15, 2016

Good day Askgamblers,

The player has supplied us with verification documents on the 08 March 2016. Upon reviewing the docs the utility bill only showed the players name and did not display the address details, and thus could not be verified. On the 10 March 2016 we then re-requested a utility bill with full address details and it was received on the same day but after hours. (Please see Terms and conditions Point 4.7.2 and point 6 in the following link: http:/­/ww­w.g­old­enr­ivi­era­cas­­m/c­asi­no-­ter­ms-­and­-co­ndi­tio­ns.a­sp­x#C­ashins.

The account was fully verified the next morning on the 11 March 2016. On the 11th March player then went ahead and played out the funds.

Please let me know if there is anything further you require.


Craig M
Compliants Manager

Posted on March 15, 2016

Dear AskGamblers,

It's a good thing that the Golden Riviera Casino has given their reaction, but unfortunately it's clear that it's not the whole story how it went. And beyond that it's anyway not a good thing that this Casino is not being capable of making a withdrawal to me on friday 11 March, when they have received all my documents on thursday the 10th of March (AND that they not making any withdrawals compleet on a saterday and a sunday !).

But anyway, their reaction is not complete. There has asked my on the 8ste of March for documents. That's correct. But that was on tuesday. On wednesday 9 March, they said that they wanted to see something with a adress on it in combination with a bankstatement. I already send a bankstatement but without a adress. So I send that to them on wednesday the 9ste of March (a bankstatement incl. my adress). But on thursday their comment was that it was too vague of something, and that I must send a Utility bill. But as always, I get that kind of questions for more documents very late (mostly 10 hours later, of 24 hours later).

That the Golden Riviera Casino is now deliberately omitting this things, give me the impression that they now that they have conscious have delayed my withdrawal. I have a own company, and never have heard that my send copy's are "too vague".

What they tell now can not conceal the fact that they allready had on wednesday the 9ste of March all my documents. The rest was a showcase to earn some time, hoping that I lost the amount on my account. But on friday the 11th of March I have warned theme that I would make a compaint when they did not made the withdrawal as soon as possible (and then I not mean monday the 14ste of March !).

After that, I lost complete my trust in the Casino and went on playing with my account-money, because I presumed that they always come with a story to deliberately any withdrawal.

Posted on March 15, 2016

Good day Tim,

We do apologize for the delay in processing your withdrawal however due to the documentation not reflecting the address at the time, it delayed the payments. As soon as you sent through the correct documentation, the very next morning the account was verified and awaiting to be processed, at which point you went ahead and played out the funds. We do try our best to be efficient in our payouts however if the account is not verified due to re-requested documents it does hold up the process.

Your account has been successfully verified so going forward payouts will be paid promptly.

We do value our players and having said this, I would like to credit your account with 50 fresspins on the game Lucky Zodiac.


Craig M
Compliants Manager

Posted on March 15, 2016

Dear AskGamblers,

Let's make things clear in this argument/complaint ;

1) The Golden Riviera had causes that this discussion/complaint is now be coming public. But I had warned them for this, but they had ignored my warning.

2) The Golden Riviera now (strangly enough) can react quickly on certain things, in stead of collect documents from players who wanted to make a withdrawal. Then they take their time, a lot of time.....

3) The Golden Riviera Casino do not fight against my argument that they had already a bankstatement from me incl. an adress on Wednesday 9 March. So I presumed that they do not fight against this important point.

4) I had on Thursday send them the Utility Bill (which was in fact unnecessary) , and that was on office hours in The Netherlands. That was about 14.30 hours in The Netherlands (the 10th of March). But on 21.00 hours of Friday The Golden Riviera Casino had still not made the withdrawal complete (which I was making from Tuesday the 8 of March !) So, then I get crossed and must this Casino not now telling me that was only a matter of "casual delay".

5) The fact that they can't any withdrawal in a weekend (also not to a Skrill account) is telling enough about there policy, I think.

It's not completely the debt that I lost money which I wanted to withdrawal from my account, but they are causing the circumstance that you will do that by frustrating withdrawal attempt's.

Posted on March 15, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team reached to the conclusion that player's claim could be no longer considered as valid. While we could understand player's frustration and disappointment of being left to wait for hours or days from the aforementioned casino brand before they review and verify the account, we would like to remind player that each and every online casino has the exclusive right to determine and apply its own verification policy and procedures depending on the requirements set within their licensing agreement. Unfortunately, AskGamblers Complaints Team is not able to influence such verification policy in any way. Moreover, it is up to you to refrain from playing until the verification procedure is over and you could request a withdrawal. Once you played and lost your money it means there isn’t a valid subject to claim for and therefore this complaint is being rejected.

In case of a disagreement with our decision, we encourage player to seek further assistance from the relevant licensing authority directly.

The case is now officially closed.

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